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Where to find sex in Africa? Learn about African girls, sex culture, hookup apps, one-night stands and how to find sex in Africa.

How to Find Sex

Hot women of South Africa at the Tiger Tiger club in Durban

If you find yourself in the beautiful content of Africa and you're looking for sex then this guide will help you with just that. Finding sex in Africa can be a little bit of a mixed bag. There are a lot of variables to consider if you wish to find sex in Africa. There is no one way to define the sex in Africa. There are so many different factors at play from local culture to the upbringing of girls. However one thing that you will find common amongst African girls is that they are extremely passionate in bed. Their busty figures and bold nature is a recipe for great sex. You will be left wanting more yet throughly satisfied. Sex culture is always something that depends on the country, social class, religion, demographic of the local population etc. Africa generally is not as liberated as the western world when it comes to sexual liberty but countries like Egypt, Morocco, Sudan among other muslim African countries are extremely conservative and consider anything sex related a taboo. Girls are encouraged to stay virgin till they get married and not have too many sexual partners. Some of the things that will help you in finding sex quicker in Africa include:

  • Money: African girls are always a little impressed by the show of money and flashing fancy stuff. They want a man who can pamper them so acts like buying them drinks and dinner etc will always help you in finding sex in Africa.
  • Compliment, compliment, compliment!: African women put A LOT of effort in their looks. Hair, lash, nail extensions. Fancy outfits etc. You must compliment these things and she will be attracted to you in no time.
  • Respect them: While the common perception is that it is extremely easy to get laid in Africa and the women are ready to jump in your bed with a drop of the hat, you still need to respect them as human beings.

Sex on the First Date

Sex on the first date in Africa is very much a possibility. You will be able to hook up on the first date if you play your cards right. There are a couple of countries that have a conservative culture so having sex on the first date in those countries will be difficult. You can try to stay away from Muslim girls because they won’t have sex readily. There a couple of factors at play that will determine getting laid on the first date.

  • Privacy: If you are going on a date at a venue that is too public then your chances of getting laid will drop. You’d want to set the right ambiance and have the right amount of privacy. Prefer night lounges, clubs and bars since they set the mood right and get the girls horny.
  • Do not cheap out: If you want to buy the girl a meal from McDonalds and kfc or any cheap restaurant and you're expecting her to be impressed and jump in bed instantly then you need to set your expectations right. You need to treat her and pamper her in order to impress her. When she is impressed by you, she is most likely to have sex on the first date.
  • Be Patient Once the first date is well underway, and if (only if!) you’re developing a good vibe, it’s possible to bring up sex in a way that won’t seem overly forward. The real pro tip here is to let your date bring up sex. That way, you’ll have a sense of how comfortable they are with sex and discussing likes and dislikes without putting yourself in a position that becomes awkward. It’s also important not to get too drunk or high on your first date to prevent making a bad first impression, for starters, but especially if sex is on the table. If you and/or your date aren’t sober enough, navigating consent becomes basically impossible.

Another pro tip is to practice safe sex. You do not want to be ridden with STIs and STDs so you will need to practice safe sex. You will also make your date comfortable by doing so.

Sexual Activity of African Women

Among the 4724 women who were virgins at the beginning of the period, 2051 (43%) reported ever having sex during 11 732 person-years of follow-up. The median AFS was 18.5 years (IQR 17.1–20.3). Table 3 shows the crude and adjusted hazard ratios for AFS among women for selected explanatory variables. Univariate results suggest that the hazard of first sex was statistically significantly higher for women whose mother or father had died, were of Zionist or no religion compared with the Shembe religion, and had ever used alcohol. The hazard of first sex was statistically significantly lower for women living in a rural area compared with a periurban setting, whose mother or father was a co-member of the same household, who did not know any relative with HIV, thought the community was not in danger from HIV and were attending school (among women aged <21 years). Religion, place of residence, mother’s survival status, ever use of alcohol and the number of relatives known to have HIV were retained in the final multivariable model, with the same direction of association seen univariately. The indicators for missing data about mother’s survival and HIV knowledge were also significant in the multivariable model. The multivariable model conformed to the proportional hazards assumption (global χ2 9.17, p = 0.69, 12 df).

Girls Online in Africa

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Best Hookup Apps

Given below are some dating apps you can use in Africa:

  • Datingbuzz: This is one of the most popular online dating services. The site promises to provide users with a secure and hassle-free environment where people can meet to form new online relationships. It allows you to enter the city you are in to be able to find and match with interesting singles near you.
  • Interracial Dating Central: It focuses mainly on Lusaka in Zambia, so if you are looking to meet beautiful, interested singles of all races in the capital city, this is the best site for you.

One-Night Stands (ONS)

One night stands are common in Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Gambia and Tanzania. You will find the opportunity for a one night stand a lot of times in Africa so you do not have to worry about it too much. It all depends on where you are and how are you playing the game. The best places to meet single girls include:

  • Nightclubs
  • Lounges
  • Pubs and bars
  • Afterhour nightclubs (till early in the morning)
  • The streets in the nightlife area
  • Afterhour fast food joints
  • Home parties
  • Student party nights
  • Special events
Hot girls of Kinshasa at Coco Tambo club

Friends with Benefits (FWB)

So, within the black community, unless there is the hope for a possible future relationship or money involved, there are no friends with benefits relationships. A lot of black women are Christians, so for starters, this is an anti-Christian mindset to just have sex for the purpose of having sex.

If a woman of color is going to have sex for the purpose of having sex, there will probably be an expectation for money.

So, within the black community, unless there is the hope for a possible future relationship or money involved, there are no friends with benefits relationships.

Casual Sex Partners

Having Casual Sex partners in Africa is relatively easier. You can choose to propose this sort of arrangement since the very beginning and most African women will be okay with that. They are used to of having more than one sexual partner so they would not be completely thrown off by this idea. However, if she is extremely orthodox in her views then obviously she will have a problem. Make sure that your practice safe sex will all your Casual Sex partners.

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