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Where to find sex in Osaka? Learn about Japanese girls, sex culture, hookup apps, one-night stands and how to find sex in Osaka, Japan.

How to Find Sex

Hot girls from Osaka in a nightclub

Osaka is one of the biggest cities in the country of Japan. The city is often seen in pop culture and is renowned as a hub for culture and art in Japan. As a tourist, if you are in the city to find sex, then you may have to be a little wise with the steps that you take in order to ensure that you do not end up wasting time with uninterested women or you waste time by being at the wrong places at the wrong time.

It is well known that the Japanese people are famous across the globe for their punctuality; they are hard-working individuals who are absolutely not fond of wasting any time whatsoever. They start their day early, and they go about their chores, they head to work or their place of education, they give their 100% all day long, and then return home to further follow up on the day's work. Though modern age Japanese women are known to chill out after a long day of work, in Osaka, the competition and the increasing costs of living are forcing women to have side hustles, and this keeps them occupied for most of the day.

Therefore, as a tourist, if you are looking forward to getting some action, you need to steer clear of the daytime unless you are in a strip club or something equivalent. The women are bound to be extremely busy. It is recommended that you try your luck by hitting some of the most happening nightclubs, karaoke bars, and lounges late at night if you wish to get sex. The city is relatively cheap when it is compared to other Japanese cities and does offer almost the same amount of fun and frolic.

Once you reach the right places at the right time, it is essential that you dress well, present yourself to be the fun and adventurous tourist in town, entice the women with your charm and break the ice without intimidating them. Remember that most of the local women are shy at first, so take things slowly and easily. It would be advisable to polish your Japanese speaking skills before heading to Osaka if you really want to find sexy women to get laid with easily. This is hugely beneficial as speaking in their own language puts them in their comfort zone and sends out the message that you are willing to make an effort to get into their pants.

Sex on the First Date

For all those of you who know Japanese culture well and have a fair idea about the local women, you must know that most of them are shy and too reserved. The majority that you come across on a daily basis shall never even start a conversation with an unknown man. Hence, the onus of making the first move shall always fall on you. As a tourist, you will be appealing to them in different ways, primarily depending upon which part of the world you hail from. There are certain preferences that these women have, and some of them may even seem a little racist, but hey! If you want to get laid, you've got to play by their rules.

Getting sex on the first date is possible, but there shall be a lot of planning that is needed on your end. To begin with, you may want to meet a woman of your choice in any public place or via social circles. Once that is done, it is suggested that you break the ice by being friendly with the woman and avoiding any sort of straightforward sexual talk. Know that most of these women won't reciprocate bold advances well. In fact, some of them are so shy that getting them to talk for more than 10 minutes may also seem like an achievement. Surely enough, the city of Osaka has many bold, outgoing, and free-spirited women, but all of them prefer to take the backseat when it comes to interacting with unknown men.

Once you start breaking the ice with a local woman, take things to the next level by asking her out on a date. By doing so, half your job is done if she says yes. Then pick a nice restaurant for dinner and treat them with the utmost chivalry. They enjoy being pampered and even embrace their feminine side, so collecting the check is your responsibility. After a romantic dinner with good conversation, head to a bar or nightclub, have a few drinks, perhaps dance together, and drop all those subtle hints throughout the night. Once physical contact is established and she responds positively, you can be sure that you'll get laid on the first date; just make sure your accommodation is in the vicinity of your dinner and after-party venue so that she isn't deterred by the long travel.

Get Laid with Girls by Helping them Financially

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Sexual Activity of Japanese Women

The Japanese women are known to be quite sexually liberal; most of them embrace their physical needs and are unafraid to get what they want. However, on the outside, due to the presence of a rather not so progressively open society, most of the women avoid discussing sex and relationships openly with unknown men. They prefer being coy, and it does take a rather solid effort to get them out of their shell. The sex education curriculum in Japan is strong and Osaka being a big city, you certainly can expect the women to be bold, but they shall take time to reveal their true selves.

As a tourist, it is recommended that you observe women from afar before making any sort of move on them. If you find them to be well covered up and not too physically interactive with people around them, be assured that they are the kind that isn't too bold. Such women are known to regard familial values and maintain a conservative image in public.

On the other hand, there are many women who are bold and sexually progressive; not only their body language but edgy flirting with them shall give you enough hints about how to take things ahead with them. They won't hesitate to make a pass at you when the mood is just right, and so is the location. They are ready to get down and dirty. Mind you, Japanese pop culture can get extremely sexual, so don't be surprised if they too enjoy porn and know how to please a man.

Girls Online in Osaka

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Best Hookup Apps

Online dating apps are aplenty in Japan. However, there are only certain apps that can be counted as trustworthy. As a tourist, it is essential that you trust the right apps while making a move on local women in Osaka, or you could land yourself in a soup. To begin with, there are many apps that scam men, and you shall end up losing your money. In some other cases, the women on the apps aren't your average Osaka babes, but they are rather honey-trapping prostitutes who are looking to make some extra cash by tricking you. Lastly, due to the soft features of Japanese women and men, evolving fashion trends and accommodation to people from all genders have made it difficult to distinguish between women and transgenders; therefore, it is better to be sure before making any advances in person.

The best hookup apps in Japan are the dating apps that are widely used by the locals of Osaka. They are smart and savvy, often having a good eye for the perfect pricing and the value for money proposition that the apps offer. As a tourist, we recommend you start by using the globally popular Tinder. It is easy to use due to the level of familiarity, you can even find genuine matches here, and if you have subscribed to it already, you do not need to pay separately.

Then other locally popular apps such as Tapple and Omiai can be used if you wish to be a part of the local scene and broaden your horizons while finding suitable women.

One-Night Stands (ONS)

One-night stands in Osaka are very much possible, especially if you make the right moves; in order to do this, as mentioned repeatedly in the sections above, you need to be in the right place, at the right time. To begin with, if you meet young babes who are physically expressive, bold, and outspoken, you can try your luck. Often such girls are knowledgeable about sex, and they aren't afraid of expressing what they want in bed. They shall match your level of flirting, they enjoy sex, and they may even have a wild past that you know little about; just be a little cocky with such women, tell them tales about your sexual escapades, serenade them with your manly body hair and you shall be paid by the end of the night.

The proposition of a one-night stand is a lucrative one for them as well as they get to fulfill their fantasy of getting laid with a foreign man, who, by the way, they tend to find extremely desirable. They also get to enjoy the night without having to look back or give into any sort of commitment. At the same time, for tourists who are visiting the city for anything less than a fortnight, this is perhaps the best option to get laid. It is hassle-free, the women are open to such arrangements that do not have complications, and in the worst scenario, if they regret it, they, much like you, can blame it on the alcohol.

Friends with Benefits (FWB)

Japanese women living in the city of Osaka come with different sorts of confidence levels, while some of them are known to be reserved and sexually shy, some are extremely outspoken and willing to get down and dirty. Know the major task is picking the right kind of woman you know to be a friend with benefits.

This is often the biggest challenge as you need to begin by making friends in the city. Of course, the need to satisfy each other's sexual desires can be the basis of that friendship, but there shall be a level of comfort with each other and a bond that shall mean something to the two of you. As a tourist, if you are hunting for a friend with benefits, you may want to ensure that you are staying in the city for the longest possible amount of time. It simply is impossible to find a friend with benefits within a week or two.

Furthermore, it is advisable that you choose someone who is a close friend from a known social circle or perhaps a work buddy. This increases the level of trust between the two of you and allows you to enjoy the sex without worries. The Japanese women are trustworthy, and they themselves trust others easily as well.

Casual Sex Partners

In a city such as Osaka, you can try your luck of finding a partner who is into casual sex. There are plenty of bold women who understand their bodies very well; they are aware of their sexual needs and desires, often willing to go the extra mile to fulfill such desires without getting into the usual commitment or even letting friends and family know about their sex lives. The intense competitiveness in the people of Japan in life ensures that most women are extremely focused on their careers. Many of them are willing to sacrifice relationships to achieve their goals.

It is these kinds of women who want to just enjoy some sex from time to time and carry on with their lives without additional drama. Most of these women are young and under the age of 30. However, an axing population implies that there are many women who are above 30 or even 40 and are looking for casual sex. The reasons vary albeit, many of them tend to enjoy casual sex with partners either because their relationship status is complicated or because they are unsatisfied by their better halves in bed. Many women from the upper classes of society tend to enjoy casual sex with foreign men just for the thrill and keep doing so until they please.

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