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Where to find sex in Egypt? Learn about Egyptian girls, sex culture, hookup apps, one-night stands and how to find sex in Egypt, Africa.

How to Find Sex

Hot foreign girls at the Little Buddha club in Egypt

Egypt is one of the countries that make up the Northern Region of Africa. It is an Arabic country; hence you can expect that strict sharia laws still hold ground in the country. These laws also apply to the sex lives o most of these women. Although women are from diverse ethnicities and religious beliefs, most belong to the Islam faith. This means that majority of them are shy and conservative, especially when it comes to matters of sex. If you are a non-Muslim, then it will be hard for you to land a Muslim girl in Egypt unless you are very lucky. Many of these women have enjoyed decent formal education and even have some freedom, but they still hold dear the Islamic laws which dictate their everyday lives. The minority group of the entire Egypt population are the ones who are non-Muslims; hence you will have a better shot at them if you are a foreigner. This group of women have adopted the western culture and lead liberal lives, and nobody would frown at them. You can easily spot these modernized women by their mode of dressing, as they usually avoid wearing hijabs and even long clothing. Instead, they choose to wear tight clothes that reveal their sexy curves, some even choosing revealing clothes. They wear these clothes to appear more appealing to men, especially if they are into sexual thrills.

For Muslim women, you will have to be very lucky and skillful to get laid by them. Their family members have a strong grip on their dating lives, and they usually discourage their daughters from engaging in extramarital affairs. Some families even escort their daughters when they go about their business to prevent them from flirting with strangers. The best move to hit on Muslim women is through dating apps since they express their true feelings and even indicate if they are up for casual flings. For the non-Muslim women, you can hit on them during the day or nighttime, na ace your flirting game to get laid. The nighttime will be your best bet as they will visit bars and nightclubs to enjoy themselves, and this makes them more approachable. If you play your cards right, you will enjoy the amazing sexual experience these women have to offer.

Sex on the First Date

The chances of you going out with a local Muslim girl in Egypt are very low; hence you can consider yourself lucky if they agree on a date with you. Since the majority of them are of Islam faith, their parents have a huge hand in the dating lifestyles of their daughters, and they are extremely picky. They will ask you many questions, and only when they are satisfied with your answers can they allow you to go out with their daughter. Liberal women in Egypt are part of the minority population in the country, with most of them residing in major cities. These women will be more friendly to you and won't mind being approached even by foreigners. Mode of dressing is crucial when it comes to differentiating non-Muslim ladies from Muslim ones. Open-minded women usually avoid wearing hijabs and long clothing that cover most of their body parts. Instead, they opt for tight clothing that clearly brings out their sexy curves and beautiful hair. Muslim ladies won't mind light conversations with you but will immediately cut short when you start taking it too far. Their parents have taught them to be staunch followers of the Islam faith; hence it will be hard to convince her to go out with you, especially if you are a foreigner. The official language in Egypt is Arabic; thus, you need to learn a few Arabic words, if not all, to converse with these ladies effectively. Most of them do not know English; hence it is essential for you to learn their local dialect to avert any language barriers.

If you are into Muslim women, then daytime will be your strategy since they are usually back home before nightfall. Male members from their families usually accompany these ladies often to ward off any foreigners wanting to hit on them. You need to acquire their parents' permission and even please their friends to date them. They are a very important part of the women's upbringing in Egypt, so keep this in mind. Ensure that you are friendly and humble when talking to their parents. Also, avoid being desperate or creepy when hitting on these ladies. The night game will be close to disappointing if you are looking to meet single women at this time. Most of them will choose to maintain a discreet relationship when they finally agree to go out with you to avoid backlash from the community. Liberal women will be more accommodating when you approach them the right way. They like being hit on by confident and mature gentlemen who know what they are doing. It won't be a long process before they agree to go out with you, but you will need a lot of wits to win them over. For them, both the day and Night game will be promising if you play your cards right. They like hanging around malls, restaurants, coffee shops, and even tourist attraction sites. They are open to being approached, so bring your A-game to have it easy with them. You can take them to posh restaurants and resorts if they want to go out with you during the day. It is best that you dress decently to avoid attracting unnecessary attention, as blending in will work in your favor. If you are into the night game, then bars and nightclubs will be the best bet to meer with single women. If she agrees to go out with you at that time, then choose a venue you believe she will have a fun time. These venues include restaurants, cinemas, bars, and nightclubs. You can also buy her a few drinks and make her feel safe around you, and she will warm up to your advances. If you feel that she is responding positively to you, invite her to your place to enjoy some steamy sex together. These women are adventurous in bed when compared to their Muslim counterparts. You need to book accommodation close to these entertainment joints to make it easier to invite your girl over.

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Sexual Activity of Egyptian Women

Egyptian women are naturally beautiful, even though they prefer to hide their beauty under niqaabs and long clothing. They have bright eyes, long black hair, and fair skin. Most of them are light-brown to pale in terms of skin color. They also have petite to average body sizes, but you can't miss meeting those who are voluptuous. They do not necessarily use makeup apart from lipstick which many of these women use to enhance their luscious lips. They prefer using natural remedies to preserve their flawless skin. Most of them like wearing decent clothes, as that is according to their sharia law. Only the liberal women in the country wear tight clothes.

Since Egypt is an Arabic country, you can expect to meet many conservative Muslim women who shy off from flirting. Their families have a huge hand in deciding their future partners; hence you need to appease their parents if you want a shot at their daughter. Their parents are usually picky, so you can consider yourself lucky if they allow you to marry their daughter, especially if you are a foreigner. These women are also intelligent and very hardworking. They have enjoyed decent education, which has enabled them to sustain themselves and even acquire stable employment from some companies in the country. They also like to be independent and avoid relying on men to do most things for them. These women are brought up according to strict sharia laws and are taught to be submissive to the male members of their families, especially their fathers and elder brothers. You can be sure to land a beautiful, hardworking, and respectful wife if their parents allow you to marry them. Liberal women are more fun and open-minded when flirting with them. If they find you appealing, they will make it easier for you to hit on them even if you are a foreigner. They are also quite adventurous in bed; hence you can be guaranteed a good time with them between the sheets.

Girls Online in Egypt

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Best Hookup Apps

Online dating has become a popular alternative for men to approach horny women Egyptian women, as approaching them physically in public has proven quite difficult. Some women who are conservative tend to open up when flirting via these hookup apps because they get the privacy and freedom they need to express their true emotions. Even if you are a foreigner, you have a chance of hitting on local women via these apps. Just play your cards right, and you might just be lucky to hit it off with a local girl. Always choose a discreet location to meet up for some steamy sex to avoid backlash from the community. Some of these hookup apps are:

  • Tinder: It is among the most popular dating apps in Egypt and the world. Egyptian lasses on Tinder are more open when flirting with men. Some are looking for long-term relationships, while others are just into casual flings. It is up to you to connect with your match and take things further.
  • Afrointroductions: This is among the most prominent hookup apps in Africa; hence you can expect to find many Egyptian women signed up on this app. You will only enjoy a few features on the basic membership plan; hence you will have to upgrade to a paid membership plan to enjoy more features.

One-Night Stands (ONS)

The chances of enjoying one-night stands with Egyptian women are very minimal, with it being almost impossible. Those who are of Islam faith will avoid any forms of one-night stands at all costs. You will have a better shot at the liberal women when it comes to such engagements. Muslim Egyptian women have been raised in accordance with strict sharia laws, where one-night stands are considered a sin. Thee are some who will choose to party at night, but they do so discreetly to avoid being tainted by the community. Many of the traditional and religious extremists are usually in their homes at night; hence some local women might get a chance to enjoy liberal freedom for the night, but that is highly unlikely. The women might allow you to buy them drinks and even dance sensually with you, kiss you but will avoid going further than that. Whenever they get drunk, they start feeling vulnerable and may choose to get away from you to avoid sleeping with you. These women are only into relationships that they feel will grow into marriage. If she agrees to engage in a one-night stand with you, you can consider yourself lucky. However, liberal women won't mind enjoying such engagements if you approach them right.

Friends with Benefits (FWB)

Egyptian women who engage in mutually beneficial hookups are very few, which has been highly influenced by the conservative nature of most of them. Some women who may choose to enjoy such engagements with you choose to abandon their upbringing, and this puts them in big trouble. If you find a woman willing to do this for you, then make their risk worthwhile. Give them all the pleasures you can afford, and they won't be shy to reciprocate it with a good time in bed. The ladies who engage in such engagements prefer to maintain a low profile to avoid attracting unnecessary attention. Muslim women in Egypt are highly monitored by their family members; hence ensure that you are discreet when engaging in such casual flings. Some of these women choose to use dating apps as a faster way to hook up with men who are up for this. Some of these women also indicate what they are into on their profiles; hence you can be keen and pick out those who are up for these beneficial hookups. It is usually short-lived, and no feelings are invested in such relationships. It will be easier to hit on liberal women in the country when it comes to such engagements.

Casual Sex Partners

The liberal women in Egypt are the ones who will up for casual flings even with foreigners. The Muslim women value the community's perception of them; hence they avoid such flings to avoid being slut-shamed and even punishment. Many of the women who won't mind enjoying such flings like to hang out in bars and nightclubs in major cities at night. They are out to enjoy themselves and won't mind spicing up their evenings if they are approached right. Some of them also use dating platforms to hook up with men willing to satisfy their sexual desires.

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