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Where to find sex in Morocco? Learn about Moroccan girls, sex culture, hookup apps, one-night stands and how to find sex in Morocco, Africa.

How to Find Sex

Party at the Bao club in Morocco

Morocco is located in the North African region, its capital being Rabat. It is an Arabic country, so you can expect their women to be reserved and avoid engaging in any platonic relationship. Getting laid by these women is hard, if not impossible, as they are keen followers of their religion and traditional customs and also their families keep a close eye on them. These women will be friendly when you approach them for general conversation but will immediately back off if you start flirting with them in public. They are conscious of how the community perceives their actions; hence they will avoid any form of public display of affections, especially with foreigners. The best bet for foreigners is to hit on modernized women who have adopted the western culture. These liberal women are usually open-minded and won't easily turn you down when you approach them right. Try to be discreet when expressing your emotions to the lady you like to avoid being frowned upon by the community. If you want to meet horny women in bars and nightclubs, then visit major cities such as the capital, Rabat, and you will find many liberal women partying and drinking during the night. Of course, the Muslim women will have already retired to their homes at dusk, hence do not expect to meet them partying, and if they do, only a few of them do so discreetly. Muslim women tend to make use of dating apps to find love and even casual flings, as they enjoy the privacy and freedom, these apps accord them. You need to be respectful and use your wit and a good sense of humour to woo them over chat. If she finally agrees to meet you, ensure that you choose a discreet location where she would feel safe enjoying some steamy sex with you.

Sex on the First Date

The chances of you going out with a local lady in Morocco are very few. This is because they are staunch followers of the Islam religion and traditional belief, which discourages them from dating foreigners and even engaging in premarital sex. According to their sharia law, such is considered a sin and may even attract punishment. Only Muslim men will have it easier with dating Muslim women, but they must appease their parents first. Families of these Moroccan ladies are strongly involved in the dating lives of their daughters; hence you need to fulfil the wishes of her parents before they can allow you to date their daughter. Some of these women are also accompanied by the male members of their families; thus, you need to be cautious when approaching them to avoid scolding and more trouble from their guardians. As a foreigner, you will have better chances of going out with liberal women who reside in major cities, including the capital, Rabat. These liberal women usually don't mind being approached and will even agree to go out with you if you play your cards right. You can easily spot liberal women by their mode of dressing. The open-minded women usually wear according to western culture, i. e, tops, jeans and short skirts. They also put on makeup to enhance their beauty and are more confident when talking with men.

Single liberal women usually like hanging around malls, cafeterias, coffee shops, museums and tourist attraction sites in cities across the country. With the right attitude and an excellent strategy, you can easily win these women over and even invite them out on a date. The liberal women are fun to hang around with. There are several romantic venues where you can take your date and enjoy each other's company. They will be more open when they feel safe around you. Also, flow with her vibe to keep her confidence up, and she will surely warm up to your advances. If she doesn't go out with you during the day, then you can take her contacts and arrange to meet up at night. You can also visit bars and nightclubs to meet single women who won't mind going out with you. Movie theatres, restaurants, lounges and nightclubs will serve as the best venue for your romantic night out. The vibrant mood of these venues is excellent to make your girl enjoy the romance that they mostly watch in movies. You can buy a few drinks for her and even invite her for a dance. If all goes well, you will get to spend the night together.

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Sexual Activity of Moroccan Women

Moroccan women are gorgeous beauties, with some having dark eyes, hair and dark skin tones while others have lighter hair, eyes and skin tones. Most of them have an average build and tend to hide most of their body parts under long clothing and niqaabs. These women also have average to large assets, but they always hide them under their clothes. However, this is not the case for the non-Muslim women in the county. They choose to flaunt their beauty and assets by wearing tight and revealing clothes that clearly bring out their sexy curves. Some choose to apply makeup to enhance their beauty. Moroccan women are known to be friendly when you talk about general topics with them but immediately withdraw when you start hitting on them. Islam is the predominant religion in Morrocco, and many women are staunch followers of this religion. They avoid flirting with foreigners, especially in public. They are also critical of the image they portray to their families and community; hence you can't expect any random girl to warm up to your advances. These women have limited freedom, which greatly contributes to their low self-esteem when flirting with men. Some of them are also accompanied by the male members of their family when they go about their business to quell any chance of flirting with foreigners.

Despite many Moroccan women enjoying adequate formal education, they still conform to strict religious and customary beliefs. These laws tend to limit their freedoms, including the liberty to choose who to date and marry. In fact, their families are always the ones who select the lifetime partners of their daughters. Their families are always involved in the dating lives of their daughters and won't hesitate to quell any chance of their daughter flirting with a foreigner. When it comes to liberal women, sex with them is more enjoyable, and they are also fun to hang out with. These women live liberal lifestyles and are open to being approached by anyone. They have adopted the western culture, and you can easily spit them by their mode of dressing. They choose the latest fashion trends which bring out the best of their sexy curves. They have also interacted with many tourists, and this has built up their confidence. They will make it easier for you if you approach them right; thus, ensure that you ace your flirting game, and you might just hook up with one of them.

Girls Online in Morocco

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Best Hookup Apps

Moroccan women's use of dating apps to find love has greatly increased, with many of them seeing this as a scapegoat from their strict lifestyles. Since they are heavily discouraged from dating foreigners, those who are into them opt for hookup apps to flirt freely without anyone really keeping an eye on them. Horny Moroccan women won't hold back to expressing their feelings on these apps, and you can even plan a meet up with them if you can charm them. It is advisable that you choose a discreet location for sex when she agrees to hook up with you. Some of these women also indicate what they are into on their profiles; hence it is up to you to link up with your potential match. Some of the hookup apps to use in Morrocco are:

  • Happn: This dating app has a location-based feature that makes it easier for you to locate the person you are chatting with. Many of these women are open-minded; hence it will be up to you to woo them with your wits and a good sense of humour to make them warm up to you.
  • lovehabibi: Most Moroccan women who use this app openly express their feelings without fear. This gives you the advantage of hooking up with the one you match with and begins flirting with her. Some of these women have even indicated what they are into on their profiles. You will hit it off with them without too much fuss if you have a good strategy.

One-Night Stands (ONS)

Such casual flings are becoming more popular with the younger girls in Morocco as the mature ones want nothing to do with it. Moroccan women are usually into long-term relationships; therefore, they choose to avoid dating foreigners except for casual flings such as one-night stands. Their religion is also one main factor that we can never ignore; hence, staunch Muslim followers will immediately turn down such offers. The liberal women in Morocco will be more open to such filings, and if you approach them right, then you just might hook up with them later in the night. Avoid approaching just any random girl for such engagements as some may view it as sexual harassment and even report you to the authorities. The best place to find women who are up for such is at the bars and nightclubs in cities across the country. Many liberal women also visit these entertainment joints to have fun, and this makes them approachable. If you find the girl you are into in the club, offer to buy a few drinks for her as you indulge her in exciting conversations. You need to avoid getting drunk, as this will just mess everything up. Flow with her vibe as you take things to the next level with her. Once you feel she responds positively to your advances, proceed to compliment her and even flirt seductively with her. When she gets that intimate feeling with you, then you can invite her to your place and enjoy some steamy sex with her. Due to the nature of such engagements, no feelings are usually not invested in them, and it is good to iron out things with her lest she gets disappointed when you part ways in the morning.

Friends with Benefits (FWB)

Foreigners with affluence are the ones who get the upper hand when it comes to mutually beneficial hookups with liberal Moroccan women. Sharia laws usually discourage Muslim women from engaging in such flings; hence do not except any positive response when you approach a Muslim girl for such. If she agrees to it, then consider yourself lucky. The conservative nature of Muslim women has reduced their adventurous nature in bed; thus, they won't make such thrills to be a fun experience. The liberal women are masters when it comes to such flings. They will give you the sexual pleasure you desire, but all this comes at a cost. You will be expected to pay for everything that both of you will purchase and spend on during your short-lived engagement. The women who warm up for such believe the man hitting on them for these hookups are loaded and won't mind spending money on them. Since Arabic is the main language in Morocco, you can expect to face language barriers if you are not conversant with the Arabic language. It will be much easier for you if you hook up with a local lady who can speak basic English at the least, as she will teach you Arabic words that you can use to compliment her. They see effort as being romantic; hence you can learn several Arabic phrases to wow her, and she will warm up to you even more. Foreign women in Morocco are always up for such sexual thrills and won't mind hooking up with you if you approach them right.

Casual Sex Partners

Premarital and extramarital affairs are usually discouraged and are punishable under sharia law. Muslim women in Morocco who are strong followers of their religion won't hesitate to shoot down any Sexual advances made to them, especially from a foreigner. This means that you will have a better shot at the liberal women in Morocco. The best places to meet these women are the bars and nightclubs spread across the cities in the country. These women usually enjoy both public and private parties, and their open-mindedness and friendly nature make them very approachable. They usually like to enjoy drinks while they wait for the men interested in them to make the first move. You can also hook up with women who are up for such casual flings on dating apps.

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