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Where to find sex in Athens? Learn about Greek girls, sex culture, hookup apps, one-night stands and how to find sex in Athens, Greece.

How to Find Sex

A group of sexy girls having a good time at the Toy room club in Athens

Athens is a beautiful city known for its ancient monuments and museums that are in abundance. That is not it though, Athens is also known for being a great party destination. You can party with hot Athenian girls, date them or get laid, everything is possible in a city like Athens. Athenian women are fair and petite with long flowing hair. They look up to Aphrodite the goddess of sex, beauty, and fertility. They are very welcoming, strong-willed passionate lovers.

Finding sex in Athens isn't a difficult task. The experience can be different for everyone but overall if you play your cards right then you will be able t find sex easily. Some of the tips that can help you in finding sex include:

  • Scouring the right places: The right venue can change the whole game for you. Nightclubs, tourist spots, beaches, bars, coffee places, shopping malls are the top venues for finding single girls who are available and looking to have a good time. These venues can increase your rate of sex and can make it easier for you to find sex in a city like Athens.
  • Targeting the right age group: If you are aiming to get laid with a 40 year old that you spotted at a mall in Athens then the chances of success will drop significantly. If you are hitting on a 20 something old at a nightclub then your chances of getting sex will skyrocket.
  • Be Assertive: Athenian women prefer a guy who knows what he wants and is a little assertive. While there will always be women who will like the Mr nice guy who is a bit of a pushover but women who are looking. to get laid would be more attractive to a man who can put out his intentions clearly and confidently but without sounding like a creep and coming off as desperate.
  • Hang around with groups and be a part of tours: Being a part of a tour group will mean that you will get to spend time with other tourists and also get to interact with locals. Being a part of a group will make it easy to converse with others and will boost your confidence as well.
  • Visit Nightclubs: In Athens, the probability of meeting someone at night is pretty high. If you are used to nighttime life while connecting with different people you can charm your way to the heart of a prospective partner. The nightlife is vibrant, and both tourists and locals may be seen having a wonderful time.

You will almost certainly come across gorgeous and hot girls who are eager to get into bed with you. Girls frequently hook up with someone they met at a nightclub, and if your night game is strong, you will be able to take a beautiful female onto your bed. Try to impress her by buying rounds of drinks and refreshments. These clubs may be slightly expensive so ensure that you have not overpaid for the refreshment. Good examples are;

  • Cassia - Located in Nea Simrri and is open from 9 pm to 6 pm on weekdays then 9 pm to 7 am on Fridays and Saturdays. On some nights, they hold Tequila parties and live sex shows. To get the best of their services, make reservations on the official line on their website or send them a mail.
  • Anatoli - Services/operations are similar to Cassia. They open a bit later (around 10:30 pm) but close by 6 pm. They are at Sygrou, Kallithea 17673.
  • Kinky Opera - Although they are close to Cassia(about 1km away). Their building is grand and looks like an opera house. Furthermore, customers enjoy free rides once they visit.

Sex on the First Date

It’s date night. The hours are melting away, and soon you’ll be in a packed bar, drink in hand, trading witty jokes, and funny stories with your date.

If all goes well, you’ll develop some chemistry as the night progresses. Perhaps the connection between you two will even turn physical. If you’re really lucky, the evening might end back at one of your places for a nightcap and some making out. Then … sex?

Having sex on the first date is a fascinating concept. The idea of going from near-total strangers to about as intimate as you can get with a person (at least, physically) in just a matter of hours is a powerful one. Regardless, if you’re reading this, chances are you’re curious about how to make it happen.

However, there are some ground rules to establish, some pointers to offer, and some situations to avoid. Let’s begin.

  • Be upfront: Being upfront about your intentions will mean that both of you are on the same page and there will be no misunderstanding. Athenian women are liberal minded but there is always a section of women who do not believe in the concept of sex on the first date so instead of wasting your time it will be better to drop direct hints.
  • Don't shame her: One of the defining philosophies that were born out of the pickup artist community is the idea that you got to understand the shame women feel around hooking up. In modern society’s eyes, if a girl hooks up with a guy, she's easy. If a guy hooks up with a girl, he's the hero. It's a double standard by modern society that makes sex, dating and relationships complicated and confusing. This is why women in most cultures (especially collectivistic cultures) are going to be more passive when letting you know that she's interested in you. You got to come from a mindset that if she hooks up with you, it's your responsibility. It's not her fault and or responsibility at all. If you take all responsibility away from her, she's allowed to blame you or external circumstances when you make your sexual advances.
  • How to take her back home: The general rule of getting her back to yours isn't to ask her. It's to lead. It's to make the interaction subtle and socially intelligent. Finding an excuse to get her back to yours is a socially intelligent way to do it. You can stock up on alcohol at yours and then ask her over for drinks. There's no need to outrightly verbalize: "let's go home and we're going to have sex now". If you're verbalizing everything, you're also showing a lack of confidence and social intelligence. That's unattractive and a turn off for women. It shows that you aren't able to put yourself out there emotionally and have to somewhat verbalize to justify your sexual advances.Some men face the problem of staying with their parents. I recommend ironing out this problem out with your parents. It's the mature thing to do. I remembered that I would awkwardly drive my Dad's car to my place without asking her if she wants so to come after a date near a bar at my place.

Get Laid with Girls by Helping them Financially

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Sexual Activity of Greek Women

Greeks have always been considered as the greatest and most active lovers worldwide. They are very liberated when it comes to sex and they are open about it. However, there is still shame attached to the idea of a women who has multiple sexual partners. When it comes to love and passion, greek females are never at a loss for words. It was found that 35 percent of Greek women refuse to engage in intercourse without the use of a contraceptive method. Those who are in a long-term committed relationship, on the other hand, do not use contraceptives.

The majority of Greek women adore massage before consensual sex, and they want to be left in Morpheus' arms shortly thereafter. According to the poll, 78 percent of Greek women, or 8 out of 10, believe that the emotional component of sexual activity – the feelings of love, respect, and intimacy – is very essential.

Girls Online in Athens

Check out and choose from thousands of hot girls that are online in Athens. Start to chat and talk with live cam girls now:

Best Hookup Apps

There are multiple mobile and web applications for connecting with a willing partner. Most of them are safe to use but it is good to be security conscious when trying to get a hookup.

The benefits of these apps are:

  • Easy to navigate user interface and accessibility.
  • It also gives the additional advantage of checking for a prospective match based on your profile and needs
  • Great tool for introverts as the awkward physical first meeting is online and you can totally express yourself
  • The GPS phone feature makes it easy to locate an intending partner close to your location.

In Athens, some clubs have their web/mobile apps but a majority of those are regular apps downloaded from your phone's play store. Here is a list of the top apps in Athens:

  • Tinder: It is used globally and also a mainstay in Athens. Once the app is downloaded, it invites you to join and accept its privacy policies. An interesting feature is its dating ideas (a prompt that shows you popular best date spots in Athens. Based on Tinder, they are:

Acropolis, Platia, Syntagmos, Central market, Adrianus street, Monastiraki.

Tinder also shows where to get single members: They are :

Thessaloniki, Patras, Heraklion,Piraeus and Larissa. Overall, it is versatile for fast and easy sexual adventures.

  • Badoo: It is highly rated in Athens. On its log-in page are pictures of people looking for sex or a date. This will help you to choose even before signing up. After filling the form provided, you are asked to enter your correct profile details and expectations. It is quite easy to navigate the app even in all the versions available (IOS and Android).
  • Bumble: Works just like Tinder and you can like a profile picture. The user interface is easy to navigate and book a partner. Although some users say it keeps showing the same set of profiles, it is because the apps assume those are your preferences.
  • Hinge: This is a flirting software that helps people find the right person and the appropriate relationship, rather than just friendship. This app may be ideal for you if you have had enough of loneliness and are looking for an emotional connection. A questionnaire will be required of any potential member.

To help filter out undesirable matches, this form includes both fun and interesting questions as well as inquiries about politics and religion. Not only can you find matches, but you can also choose what drew your attention (their photo, answer to a question, etc.).The price for the monthly subscription is $12.99, then $20.99 for three months, and $29.99 for six months.

  • Happn: Happn stands out because of its location-based structure. If other users are nearby, you will receive a notification and be able to read their profile after signing into the Happn app. You can start chatting if the other person agrees, and the rest is up to the two of you. The Happn app is available for Android, iOS, and windows.
  • OkCupid: It's one of the few apps that doesn't require you to have a Facebook account. You can impress potential matches with your stories in addition to providing images. OkCupid, a popular Greek dating app with a highly praised matching algorithm, could be the perfect app for you if you're looking for that special someone.
  • CoffeemeetsBagel: With its impressive interface design and a matching algorithm that works quite effectively, Coffee meets Bagel is gaining attention among app users. Different from how Tinder works by moving the screen to the right or left, the app focuses on each person's interests and attributes, and you search for friends through the detailed information provided.
  • Dating app Attica: It's a good dating app in Athens that's available on iPhone and Android, and creating a free profile simply takes a few seconds. On the site, you'll find a database of singles that live in your area.
  • The Reddit dirty: This service, which has over 500,000 members, is one of the most popular and active free dating sites available. Members can anonymously read profiles, send private messages, and publish personal advertising, among other things.

The Pros are: its Simple user interface, sign-up is almost completely anonymous, It is not necessary to post photos, and messages are sent directly. This dating forum has no divisions, so members can search the entire Reddit site for casual hookups, flings, or traditional romance. On this site, there are also adult personal advertisements, so be cautious about whatever ad you react to.

One-Night Stands (ONS)

A ONE NIGHT STAND is a sexual relationship between acquaintances that usually happens once, either planned or accidentally. It has its advantages and disadvantages and in Athens, the rules are just the same.

Athenians are generally cultured and traditional people, their women are now more liberal. Request about the type of hookups is fairly common. They have no problem with having a once-only encounter for the thrill enjoyed. As a traveler, it might be safe to stick with sex workers because there are no risks of emotional entanglements, just bargain and get down to business.

You can hook up with beautiful Athenians at:

  • Toyroom Athens- Omonoia
  • 7 times Club-Maoutoli
  • Lohan-Lera odos
  • Dybbuk- Stadiou 7
  • Death disco -Ogigou 16
  • Half note Jazz club-Nomanous
  • Athens sport bar-Veikou 39

During the day, you can try attending pool parties or joining a group that has partners of your preference. You can also stroll around crowded places such as the Monstiraion square, Syntagma square, or shopping centers/malls such as the Attical mall, Metro mall, Heart mall, Athens Millennium mall, Athenian capital mall.

Generally, it is easier to hook up with Athenian men than women on the first night and it is always a good idea to book your hotel in Gazi (a single life hotspot) to increase your chances of getting sex.

Another quick way to get a one-night stand is to sign up to Adult friend finder a site where there are no inhibitions and expectations, games or, attachments.

Friends with Benefits (FWB)

This means friends/acquaintances having sex without necessarily being in a romantic relationship.

Due to the traditional nature of Athenians, this may not easily be available. Nevertheless, if you play your cards right, you can maneuver your way even as a visitor.

One quick way is to register on the official FWB site which provides privacy and anonymity to its subscribers.

Casual Sex Partners

This is practically sex between people not romantically involved and occurs more than once. In Athens, casual sex is fairly common regardless of their beliefs. As a visitor or even a local, you can log in to to see the variety of ads for people willing to engage in casual sex. Browse through their offerings and requirements to make a choice.

Another site that offers casual sex is, set up your profile which includes a profile picture, sexual orientation, age, and intentions(a brief bio about yourself is important). Once done, your data is uploaded to the Athens gallery.

Furthermore, if you want the thrill of physically meeting your partners then you can try the nighttime offers. The rate of success is high if executed in the right environment. Athens' cities provide several opportunities to meet girls late at night. After the sun sets, the city comes alive, and people leave their homes to go out and party to their hearts' content. The nightlife is vibrant, and both tourists and locals may be seen having a wonderful time. You will almost certainly come across gorgeous and hot girls who are eager to get into bed with you.

Girls frequently hook up with someone they met at a nightclub, and if your night game is strong, you will be able to take a beautiful female into your bed. In general, sex is easy to find and enjoy in Athens. The majority of its citizens are welcoming and adventurous yet traditional. They have a sense of culture and their women like the men to take charge. Remember when in doubt just use apps, or go to the red district zones.

Athens is a city with a wide range of dating opportunities. Different types of girls may be found in Athens, each with their own tastes and likes/dislikes.

Here are some pointers to keep in mind when dating a female/male in Athens:

  • Take the initiative: In Athens, dominant men are preferred by the ladies. They want their partners to strike up a discussion and propose to take them out on dates first. You may lose your chances with a girl if you wait for them to approach you first.
  • Romance: Greek women have a strong desire for romance. They want their boyfriend to be as loving as possible and lavish their affection for them. You may be as vocal about love as you want with a female when you're dating her, and she will appreciate it. She will fall head over heels for you if you make gestures like surprising her with roses, candlelight meals, or romantic movie nights.
  • Long-term relationship and loyalty: Looking to keep one of your partners, remember that Greek women can be possessive, and they expect their men to be faithful. If she notices you getting too close to another girl, she may lose her cool and leave you. They loathe it when a man appears desperate and untrustworthy.

The men like to take charge and give directions, if you want a male partner, you may consider being a submissive partner. Generally, if you want the long-term arrangement to try to meet with their friends/family. In Athens, once you get the approval of your partner's loved ones then it means you have won their heart.

  • Money: It is a very good idea to always have good money as you may have to cover the cost of a lot of items. From accommodation, to drink bills. A good hotel can charge 35$ a night. An estimate of the budget travel expenses is around 77$, therefore if you add your sex partner the bills can go up to 150$. Athenians like their holiday partners to flaunt a level of wealth and give them a good time.
  • Be alert about STDs: Sexually transmitted infections ranging from Syphilis, Hepatitis B, to Herpes Simplex Virus and HIV are a source of concern globally. The majority of HIV patients in Athens are drug users who inject themselves. Gay males make up the second-largest group. The most prevalent STD amongst sex workers are HSV-2 and Syphilis.

As a result, one must be aware of the dangers and should always use caution when indulging in sexual activity with a stranger in the city. Notwithstanding, their registered sex workers ensure they are std free as mandated by the laws of their country. If possible, you can ask to see her medical check-up card to ensure it is up to date. In addition, use a condom as it is the safest method of preventing STDs.

  • Security: Generally, Athens is safe but the major issue for visitors is pickpockets. Although it is unlikely that you are robbed or harmed by your partner, it is advisable to take extra measures to protect yourself.

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