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Where to find sex in Dakar? Learn about Senegalese girls, sex culture, hookup apps, one-night stands and how to find sex in Dakar, Senegal.

How to Find Sex

Hot girls of Dakar at the phare restuarant

Dakar is the capital city o Senegal and is believed to have over 1.4 million inhabitants. Most of the population in the city are Muslim, with only less than five percent compromising of Christians and other religions. However, do not let this demoralize you in your quest to seek ladies for hook up in the city because most of them do not conform to the strict Muslim rules as you would expect. Many tourists have visited Dakar over the last few decades, and this has resulted in many people in the city adopting these foreign cultures. They have really embraced the culture from the West; hence, most of these ladies are sexually liberated and are very open-minded. These ladies are usually beautiful, and they go the extra mile of ensuring that they groom themselves and even apply makeup to appear irresistible to boys. These ladies usually like to wear sexy clothes that are sure to capture the attention of men, and they really love this attention. You need to note that Senegal's official language is French, so expect many of the ladies in the city to speak French, if not the Wolof language. You need to learn a few French words and pick up lines to really attract this ladies' attention.

These Dakar ladies won't be shy when you approach them. They will even put on many outfits in one day just to attract the attention of the men that these ladies like. They will even come close to you and pretend to be busy just so you can make the first move. Given how gorgeous these ladies are, it will be very hard for you to resist talking to these ladies first. They might even know what your intentions are with them, but they will wait for you to charm them first. You will be able to find many horny ladies in the city who just want to have a good time in bed with someone. The majority of them usually visit bars and nightclubs in an effort to link up with their potential sexual partner. The majority of them stand close to the entrance so as to ensure that everyone who comes into the club is able to see them. You can request a waiter to ask the lady you like to join you at your table. Mind you that most of these ladies are Muslims, and even though they don't conform to strict traditions, they would appreciate that you express your affections to her discreetly. You can increase your chances of having amazing sex with these ladies when you have a guide or a native to accompany you to these entertainment joints. They will be able to pick out the best girls for you to enjoy sex with them without really upsetting others. They are able to spot ladies who are up for the idea of having random sex with a total stranger, so ensure that you find a native friend or even a guide to boost your chances of having incredible sex with these Dakar ladies.

Sex on the First Date

Dakar ladies are usually open-minded and have a liberal approach to sex. They believe that anything can happen during a date. Even though most of them are Muslims, they are not tied down to these strict traditional norms like in other places. These ladies are free to dress how they like and even talk with whomever they want, and nobody would really mind. You will be able to find your date mostly along the beach during the day and at pubs and nightclubs during the night. These ladies usually put on sexy outfits and would wait for boys to approach them. They love these compliments, so they are willing to drink it all in. You will need to charm them with a few French lines and even buy amazing drinks for them to really get their attention. You can choose the beach as a very romantic venue for your date during the day. This will even make your girl dress in skimpy outfits or even bikinis. She will ensure that she dresses in a seductive outfit to ensure that all your attention is on her because she knows that also other ladies would steal your attention anytime. You can buy tasty delicacies when you are out with her. Ensure that you are interesting when conversing with her to make her enjoy the date, and you might just enjoy amazing sex that same day. If you are more of a party guy, you can set your date for nighttime so that you can take her to the numerous pubs in the city. Both of you can enjoy great drinks and even dance your hearts out as you enjoy your time with her. When she has had fun to her fill, she will ensure that you also enjoy your time with her in between sheets. Try to book accommodation close to your date venue so that it will be easy for you to invite your date to your place. These ladies are not shy as they will ensure that you have the time of your life as they do not mind oral sex and any other stimulating sex act to get you in the mood for the main act.

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Sexual Activity of Senegalese Women

These Dakar ladies are gorgeous and are not shy to flaunt their beauty. They will ensure that they dress to kill apply just enough makeup to make them irresistible to men. They ensure that even how they walk and their behavior evokes an erotic response from men. These ladies can even steal a man when he is with his wife; hence, those who still stick to strict traditional norms usually avoid the city, especially at night, when the real party girls are out. These ladies usually wear sexy outfits and will walk close to you idling so that you can make the first move. They like to put on fine clothes so that you can be able to see the sexy hips and thighs that they have hidden under their apparel. You also need to note that these girls are also very persuasive. Do not start any romantic venture with them if you are not willing to finish it because these ladies are very aggressive when it comes to romantic ventures. You can increase your chances of hooking up with them by flirting with them wittingly.

Do not forget that most of these ladies are Muslims. Even though they do not really conform to these strict norms, they still would appreciate that you act discreetly when you express your love to them. They would be very uncomfortable if you start holding their hands or standing very close to them in public. Public display of affection is not really a very open thing on Dakar so, ensure that you do not put your local girl on edge. You should find a more quiet location where you are guaranteed privacy. You can take her to a bar and pick a table where only the two of you can enjoy some alone time together. You can then start making physical contact with her and even hold her hands. This is to test her resolve, and if she responds positively to you, then your chances of hooking up with her immediately increase.

Girls Online in Dakar

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Best Hookup Apps

Online dating has taken Senegal by a huge storm, with many people seeking romantic and sexual relationships with local girls in the capital and the country at large signing up for these apps. Some of the best hookup apps that you can use in Dakar are:

  • Badoo: Many of the ladies who have signed up for this app are usually above 25 years. They see this platform as a faster way to seek out potential sexual partners who are ready to satisfy their sexual needs. Mature ladies are also more confident using this app since they would be able to seek sexual partners in a discreet way.
  • Waplog: You will need to create a catchy profile to be able to attract many of the gorgeous Dakar ladies who have signed up for this app. You will be able to download this app both for IOS and android versions and flirt and send photos with the ladies whom you find appealing on this app.
  • topface: This app enables you to flirt with many sexy Dakar ladies who are ready to find anyone who is willing to satisfy their sexual needs. These ladies already know what they are doing, so you won't have a hard time breaking the ice with them.

One-Night Stands (ONS)

Most of the stunning girls in Dakar usually like to come out at night to have a good time. In their sexy outfits, these ladies visit the various bars and nightclubs in the city, hoping to find themselves a sexual partner for the night. The majority of these ladies are usually between 18 - 29 years and are very energetic, with hormones raving throughout their systems. This makes them anxious for intimacy, couple that with peer pressure, and they won't mind hooking up with a stranger who would satisfy their sexual desires. This does not necessarily mean that women above thirty years are not interested in one-night stands. Most of the women in these groups are usually married or are in a serious relationship where they might even have children. This makes them not to be aggressive as those who are much younger than them. They like to maintain a low profile and would like their extramarital affairs to be very discreet. Those who are up for one-night stands won't really reveal their feelings since they would not want to disrupt their marriages. They do so secretively since they believe such engagements do not have long-term promises and only survive for the night. Many younger girls who would like to hook up for the night usually flock to bars and nightclubs in their sexy outfits. They make postures and gestures to make you get interested in approaching them. Remember that these girls are also aggressive, so they might even come closer to you to evoke your romantic feelings. These ladies are usually brave and ready for anything. You need to have a lot of confidence and wit when flirting with these ladies.

Friends with Benefits (FWB)

You will find many Dakar ladies who won't mind hooking up with guys who are loaded while expecting to receive tokens in return. These ladies would like to earn money that they can use for their needs, so they won't mind hooking up with you as long as they believe that you have a lot of money. A majority of these ladies began scouting for sugar daddies in low-class bars and restaurants so as to gain experience on how to handle men. They will then switch to high-end nightclubs and resorts so as to flirt with these wealthy men. They are very romantic in bed if you treat them right. Most of them are still high on hormones and would like to enjoy amazing sex if it would get to pay their bills and even enable them to afford expensive gifts. If you have money, use it on them. If you spoil them with romantic gifts, they will repay you with amazing sex, and they will ensure that you are satisfied.

Casual Sex Partners

You will be able to get many ladies in Dakar hanging around nightclubs and bars ready to accept requests for casual sex offers as long as you can prove that you have money. These ladies enjoy being spoiled and won't mind engaging in casual sex if it would enable them to earn amazing gifts and tokens. Both young and older ladies enjoy casual sex here in the city, so you need to ensure that you are ready to spend money on the girl you like. You can expect to find many girls seeking your attention, so you need to focus on the one you are smitten with. You can seek a table at the nightclub and invite the lady you like for drinks. You can also dance and enjoy yourselves partying, and you can take your party to your bed and enjoy the rest of your night, lost in deep sex.

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