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Where to find sex in Abu Dhabi? Learn about tourist girls, sex culture, hookup apps, one-night stands and how to find sex in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

How to Find Sex

A group of foreign girls having a great time at the Hysteria club in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi serves as the capital city of the United Arab Emirates and is the second most populous city after Dubai. UAE is an Arabic country; hence all the local women are staunch followers of Islam and usually avoid engaging in premarital or extramarital affairs. Some do not even date anyone until marriage when they marry a man chosen for her by her parents. This means you'll have zero chance of hooking up with the local women, especially if you are a foreigner. Your best move will be to visit entertainment spots at night to meet horny foreign women who won't mind enjoying casual hookups with charming and romantic men. The popular nightclubs to visit in the capital are Skylite and Empire Yas nightclubs, where many tourist women come to chill out and party into the night. Many religious and traditional extremists are usually out and about during the daytime, forcing foreign women to adopt some local cultures, such as avoiding public expression of romance to avoid being gossiped about by them. However, these women become bolder at night since most conservative folks would have retired to their homes at dusk. They are more open to express their feelings, giving you an edge to tell if they're into casual hookups. Online dating apps also provide a platform to meet many liberal-minded foreign women willing to engage in sexual thrills with like-minded men. These apps also give women the freedom to express themselves freely without worrying if the community will judge their behaviour. Sign up for apps such as Bumble and Tinder to flirt and even plan a hookup with open-minded women in Abu Dhabi.

Sex on the First Date

The local women in Abu Dhabi are conservative and shy regarding dating and sex. They will definitely turn down any approaches towards them, especially from foreigners. You might just meet those who choose to rebel from such a strict upbringing, but the chances are usually very low. You'll only stand a chance with the tourist women and expats working in the city. They are open-minded and have a liberal approach towards sex; hence they won't be easily offended when you hit on them. Ensure that you are confident, charming and respectful when hitting on them. Use your wits to find out which relationships they are into to avoid stirring unnecessary storms. Even though many will be willing to hook up with you on the same night, ensure that you address them with respect and charm. Sexual thrills after the date are usually an appreciation from your girl for giving her a fun time hanging out with you, so ensure that she has the time of her life. They will be willing to reciprocate all romantic and financial gestures with great sex to make your night memorable. Success in wooing these ladies for a date starts with the time, place and type of woman you will approach.

Approaching foreign women during the daytime will be more fruitful when you visit restaurants, shopping malls and beaches in the city. Some popular venues are Khalidiyah Mall, Musharff Mall, Al Bateen Beach, and Corniche Beach. You can easily spit the foreign women by their mode of dressing. The local women are usually adorned with burkhas in public, while the foreign women wear tighter and skimpy outfits when they visit the beaches. Remember that public expression of emotions is highly discouraged in the city; hence try to be subtle when expressing your joy and affections to the girl who's agreed to go out with you. During the daytime, approaching women in the CBD will be challenging as most will be busy with their daily routines. Make sure you make a striking first impression to compel the women to spare a few minutes for you. If they are busy, get her contact to reach out after working hours when she will be free. Bars and nightclubs are the best places to approach liberal-minded women for date nights. Popular hotspots in Abu Dhabi are Empire Yas Nightclub, Hemingway's Nightclub, Skylite Nightclub, and the Saadiyat Beach Club. Many of the conservative folks usually retire to their homes by nightfall; hence many women come out at night to meet their dates away from prying eyes. You can even win a local woman over but do not bank on it as the chances will be way below minimal. Your best move will still be to hit on the foreign women. You will meet some local women out at night, but they are most likely just hanging out with friends and will not appreciate being approached for a date. The foreign women won't mind spicing up their night by going out with a charming and affluential gentleman. Restaurants provide a quiet environment to get to know your date personally, while bars and nightclubs provide a wild atmosphere for partying with your date. You can maximize on the setting that will increase your chances of getting laid. These women have different personalities, so utilize any opportunity to charm and woo these ladies into hooking up with you that same night.

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Sexual Activity of Women

The local women in Abu Dhabi are gorgeous Arabian beauties. They have long Jose's, luscious lips, bright eyes, high cheekbones and beautiful smiles. Their almond eyes have various shades, with the bright ones being green or blue while the darker ones being black. These women have well-sized feminine assets, but they usually wear burkhas while in public. They also have average to tall heights, with most having petite figures. These women enjoy adequate primary education and have the opportunity to further their studies in some of the prestigious universities in the city. Many foreign women also enrol at these universities; hence many local women get their exposure by interacting with foreigners. This has enabled some to have a positive attitude when you engage them in general talk, while others still shut you down from the start. It is usually nearly impossible to woo the local women for casual flings since most of them are staunch followers of their religion, which discourages such practices. Those choosing to rebel against these strict lifestyles are very few and unpredictable. This means that your best move will be to approach the foreign women who will be open to engaging in casual hookups. Many strive to hook up with foreigners for casual flings as they believe they are loaded and willing to spend money on them. Many women in Abu Dhabi are spendthrifts; hence big spenders will have an easier time wooing them. Foreign women in the capital have also signed up for international dating apps such as Tinder, making it easier for men from multiple countries to flirt with them. Some have indicated what they are looking for in a relationship; hence, finding your most suitable partner will be easier. They also have a liberal approach towards sex, so do not be afraid to engage in sexting and exchanging photos with them. Use your wits and a good sense of humour to get into her heart and pants.

Girls Online in Abu Dhabi

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Best Hookup Apps

Approaching a woman publicly in Abu Dhabi has proven difficult, especially the community's dissatisfaction when you express your emotions in public to the girl you like. Online dating apps have stepped in to ease the flirting process and even provide a conducive environment for expressing your feelings and getting the same from your preferred girl. Still, many local women in Abu Dhabi avoid flirting with strangers, even via these apps. Only tourist women and expats in the capital will be more receptive to your advances, and if you play your cards right, you might enjoy a sexual hookup with them. These women are open-minded and have a liberal approach towards sex; hence it will be up to you to wow her with your charming skills. Some dating apps to use to hook up with foreign women in Abu Dhabi are:

  • Bumble: It is one of the most popular apps in Abu Dhabi and worldwide. It has amazing features that will make your flirting experience in the capital fun and successful. Upon signing up, men will have the opportunity to peruse through thousands of profiles of women in Abu Dhabi until they find their most suitable girl. This app has taken dating to the next level with its most prominent feature, where women will have to make the first move. After being linked up with your preferred match, the lady must contact you first, and you must reply before 24 hours to avoid being unmatched.
  • Tinder: Men seeking to engage in casual hookups or even long-term relationships with women in Abu Dhabi can use this app to find like-minded women in the capital. Many women usually indicate what they are looking for, making it easier to find a suitable match. Those looking for spouses will play the long game and even suggest a couple of dates before agreeing to sleep with you. The more liberal women looking for sexual thrills will make it easier for you to hit on them and even agree to hook up on the same day. The swiping feature makes dating more fun. You can right swipe on the girl you like, and if you get swiped back, you can begin sending text messages to her via the app. You need to keep the conversation going and even spice it up to avoid boring her. This will give her the impression that you are an interesting guy, and she will be more than willing to hook up with you.
  • Happn: Its location-based feature makes it among the most used dating apps in Abu Dhabi. This app will alert you of any lady on the app who is close to your geographical location during your stay in Abu Dhabi. Many women who have signed up for this app are open-minded; hence you can use your wits and charm to woo these ladies into hooking up with you.

One-Night Stands (ONS)

The chances of enjoying one-night stands with foreign women in Abu Dhabi are promising, unlike with local women, which are almost zero. The local girls are staunch followers of their religion and cultural norms; hence the thought of engaging in one-night stands with strangers is unthinkable to them. Tourist girls and expats in the city will be more open to such hookups, which require little or no feelings. Such hookups usually happen after a wild night out with your date. Having been intoxicated with alcohol usually increases the fun these girls will be having at night and will be willing to spice it up by enjoying sex only for the night. Everyone will part ways in the morning, and none of the partners will feel disappointed since these women already know how such hookups work. These foreign women will see these hookups as an opportunity to enjoy sexual satisfaction without really making any connection on a personal level with their partners. You can approach liberal-minded women in happening places across the city. Offer to buy a couple of drinks while you intrigue them with exciting conversations. Flirt with her wittingly, and you might hook up with her for the night.

Friends with Benefits (FWB)

The local women usually shy away from such hookups, which are mostly short-lived. They have very little say when it comes to dating, with some even being prohibited from dating until their parents find suitable husbands for them. Until then, they avoid any sexual entanglements, especially with foreigners. Such hookups are only possible with the foreign women in the city. Fellow travellers will be the best companions for such hookups. Tourist women looking to enjoy themselves during their short stay in the city will be more open to engaging in mutually beneficial hookups with charming and affluential men. Ensure that you are ready to spend money on these ladies as majority of them will be spendthrifts when they see what Abu Dhabi has to offer. From amazing cuisines and great scenery to amazing beaches and huge and fun shopping malls, you need to be loaded to satisfy their material needs. They will, in turn, give you the nights of your life. They will offer great companionship and mind-blowing sex during your stay in the capital. You can meet many tourist women willing to engage in such hookups on dating apps. They are open-minded and have a liberal approach towards sex; hence it will be up to you to charm her into hooking up with you.

Casual Sex Partners

Foreign women in Abu Dhabi are usually open to casual hookups, even with strangers. Since nobody will be required to invest any feelings or promises in the relationship, tourist girls looking for sexual thrills usually visit happening places at night within the city to increase their chances of being approached. Online dating apps also provide a platform for men to link with foreign women up for such hookups.

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