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Where to find sex in La Paz? Learn about Bolivian girls, sex culture, hookup apps, one-night stands and how to find sex in La Paz, Bolivia.

How to Find Sex

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La Paz, in Bolivia, is the highest administrative capital in the world, resting on the Andes’ Altiplano plateau at more than 3,500m above sea level. La Paz has the feel of a happy port town so an ideal place for a vacation.

When it comes to finding sex, there are a couple of things you need to know in order to find sex in the city of La Paz. The first thing you ought to know is about Bolivian girls themselves. There is no way to generalise their looks. Bolivian girls are beautiful but they look very different from each other because they come from different ethnic groups. This means that you will have a wide variety of girls to choose from.

  • The Right time and venue to approach girls: There is little doubt that pubs, bars, and nightclubs are the places where all the action is. Therefore, it would be the right place to be in if you are a man on the lookout for the right woman. The city of La Paz perhaps has hundreds of bars, nightclubs, and restaurants and it will not be possible to list down all of them. We are happy to share a list of some of the most popular bars in this city.
  • The right age group: The young girls, in particular, are known for the zeal to get friendly with men not just to engage in some discussions and conversations. They would like to go beyond these formalities and are keen to get more personal and physical in their relationships. Hence dating for many of these young girls may be limited to one night stands and casual flings. On the other hand, you also have mature women above the age of thirty or thirty-five for whom dating goes just beyond casual flings and other such temporary affairs. They may look for a combination of both sex and mature relationships where their emotional needs are also addressed. On the whole, you will find the women and young girls of La Paz excellent dating partners whichever way you may look at such relationships.
  • Never go Dutch on Dates: If you really want to get laid with a hot Bolivian chick from La Paz then toss the idea of splitting the bill right out of your mind. Even the rich, independent girls expect the man to pay for the date. It is more of a cultural thing than the local girls being greedy or gold diggers (especially the city girls). Bolivian women are very used to machismo culture. They don’t love it, au contraire actually, but they expect it.You can’t compete with Bolivian guys in many other aspects. When it comes to this, though, just follow their lead. Bolivia is, in fact, very cheap so a couple of fancy dinner dates would not get you broke.
  • Do not mix her with other South American girls: This will be an instant turn off because Bolivian women already do not have the exposure that they deserve. Mostly it is the Brazilians, Argentinians, Peruvians girls that steal the spotlight so avoid giving compliments like you're just as hot as a Brazilian girl etc. You need to make her feel important and seen.

Overall, finding sex in a city like La Paz won't be too difficult of a task. The girls are modern, open minded and straight forward so you will have fun approaching them and eventually getting laid.

Sex on the First Date

Now and then, individuals find it challenging to engage in sexual relations on the first date. If you are also uncertain about that, you ought to know a couple of things that can help you in getting laid on the first date. You shouldn’t pester them and force them. Be courteous with your approach. Girls really appreciate that. Having sex on the first date is not too big of a deal for the girls of La Paz. They are open to the idea and they are willing to experience that kind of thrill. Some of the things that will help you in getting laid on the first date are:

  • Set the right vibe/frame - The goal is to show that you are a dominant/sexual man from the start. And create a fun & flirty vibe full of sexual tension. In cold approach (especially during the daytime), do this implicitly. Never blatantly make remarks that are too sexual or try to touch her too much (basically you want to always avoid being the “creep” who has no understanding of social norms). Instead, be more implicit and suggestive. Build sexual tension by holding very strong eye contact, having a solid body language, and strategically inserting small pauses at the right time.
  • Screening - This is the same as vining. During an interaction, start screening right from the beginning by being a confident dominant man who’s not ashamed of his sexuality or is trying to hide his intentions (while still being very socially calibrated). You will naturally screen out the majority of prude chicks. Then, just by being flirty, some more of the prude chicks will get screened out. And that is actually a very good thing. A high value guy knows that not every attractive girl will meet his criteria and will place his time above all else (while a confused PUA will try to go on a date with every girl thinking that it’s all about game). Furthermore, there will be an additional level of screening when you go to setup the date (more on this later).
  • Setting up the date - This is a small, but extremely crucial step to get right. You want to avoid dates that have a lower probability of resulting in sex. You should only do 3 types of first dates: Straight to your place, at the bar that is walking distance to your place and the coffee shop walking distance to your place. That’s it. Save the funky activity dates for after you have banged the girl and she becomes my booty call.
  • Preparing for the date - This is also very important and a lot of this should be common sense that is unfortunately sometimes ignored. First off, you want to clean your place. Seeing trash everywhere will turn off most chicks. Secondly, you want to clean yourself. Take a shower and put on deodorant before your date. Nothing turns a girl off like body odor, so don’t be that guy. Thirdly, have some chill music playing in the background. Believe it or not, this makes a difference. Some good background music has a strong subconscious effect and will reduce the awkwardness of meeting a stranger (if a chick is particularly shy or tense, you should actually ask her what her favorite type of music is and then put it on. This works really well and subconsciously creates instant comfort for her) Last but not least, have a variety of alcohol. No, you’re not trying to get the girl drunk but, just by having a drink in her hand will help her subconsciously relax and take the social pressure off. Most girls wants to be able to say something like “Yeah, you know we had a few drinks and one thing lead to another”
  • The date - Whether you meet the girl at a bar or at your place, you want to maintain the vibe we talked about from the start. Give her a confident hug and keep things fun and flirty. And equally importantly, assume compliance. When meeting her inside my apartment, always just assume that she’s coming with you. Then, assume that she’s going to be comfortable going inside. For the first few minutes, stay chill and give her a chance to get comfortable with the new surroundings. Once you sense that she is, then smoothly start escalating. There is no exact sequence you need to follow, just be smooth and gradually escalate. The key thing to keep in mind is that she is very likely at your place for a reason. It’s your game to lose, but as long as you make her feel comfortable, turn her on, and successfully overcome any possible concerns, then you will very likely smash.

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Sexual Activity of Bolivian Women

Bolivian women start getting sexually active at an early age. In Bolivia, the age of consent (the legal age when people can engage in sexual activity) is 14-years-old. In a study that was conducted using half a million people to identify cities with the most sexually active women, La Paz was at number one. This should give you an idea about how sexually liberated the women of London are. They want to get laid and they are okay with all kind of arrangements, be it a long term relationship, one night stands, casual sex partners, friends with benefits etc. This will make things easier for you and you will find a women looking for the same things as you.

Girls Online in La Paz

Check out and choose from thousands of hot girls that are online in La Paz. Start to chat and talk with live cam girls now:

Best Hookup Apps

  • Bumble - Initially, Bumble was a dating application; it is an appealing choice for anyone searching for adoration. It is a swipe-based dating application where you swipe ideal for individuals you're keen on and lift left for ones you're not. It's really like Tinder except for one catch. Furthermore, the idea is superb because it works. Ladies are the ones to start the principal contact, or nothing happens whenever you've coordinated. If a person comes with a lady who doesn't begin the discussion, a person can broaden one match each day for 24 extra hours.
  • - is a specific dating administration for mature singles hoping to meet new individuals worldwide in an absolute sense. You can enroll for nothing and peruse people groups' profiles worldwide without charge. Assuming that you're another client, you get ten free talks, which you can use to associate with someone you like. Notwithstanding, to turn into a part, you want to pay for participation and buy a credit bundle before getting a charge out of unlimited utilization of a full scope of administrations.
  • Happn - Assuming you put stock in unexplainable adoration, this application can help you out, particularly if you're too timid to move toward that individual you've continually been finding at your nearby general store live concert, café, or rec center. Happn is an ideal dating application since it lets you observe individuals you haphazardly found on the road and fell head over heels for right away.
  • Down - Down is altogether private and discreet. They'll interface with you once both of you express interest. Down will find both your Facebook friends and friends of friends and provides you with the choice of telling them whether you need to bang or then again if you're in it for something else. It's a genuine meaning of DTF. Specific individuals could find this too much, while others believe it's ideal. Everything relies upon your actual goals.

One-Night Stands (ONS)

One night stands in La Paz can be a little tricky. Many Bolivian girls still live with their parents. Almost everyone drives here. But not everyone has a car. If they don’t let her take the family vehicle on nights out, she might not have the freedom she wants. Bolivian parents are very conservative about letting their daughters sleep over at a guy’s house. If she can drive herself, it’s fine, she does not have to explain where she’s going and with whom. If she doesn’t have access to a car, however: You either pick her up, or her parents drive her. The latter is not likely. Remember how I told you that Bolivian boyfriends drive their girlfriends around? Yeah, her parents will expect it. What they will not expect, however, is overnight stays at your hotel, rental, or apartment. Bolivian sex life can sometimes send you right back to the high school of sneaking around. When it comes right down to it, though, Bolivian women are usually amazing. It may be because of their healthy and active lifestyle, or maybe it’s because spicy food is an aphrodisiac. Either way, you will be surprised at how fun Bolivian girls are in bed, even if they don’t have heaps of experience. Some of the nightclubs where you can go to pick up girls for a one night stand in La Paz are:

Friends with Benefits (FWB)

A friends-with-benefits relationship, or a friendship with physical intimacy, might sound fun in theory since it has all the perks with no strings attached. You don't have to spring for fancy dates, send flowers on Valentine's Day, or meet the parents. It's sex minus the complications.

  • Handle things properly: But if the hook-up is not handled correctly, things can turn sour pretty quickly. One of the major keys to navigating a successful FWB relationship, according to Vanessa, is making the ground rules clear before taking the plunge. You don't necessarily need to draw up a contract but having some guidelines will help keep everyone on the same page. It varies by pairing, but there are a few questions that can get the ball rolling.
  • Manage your expectations: Before agreeing to this arrangement, make sure that you understand this is physical and nothing more. You need to have a good grasp on your feelings and intentions if you're considering going down this path. And definitely do not enter this agreement hoping to change minds.
  • Take emotional responsibility: Even if you start out with the best of intentions, the fact of the matter is that feelings can change and people can get hurt. Regular check-ins with your friend with benefits are part of emotional responsibility.
  • Do not forget to be a friend: Sure it's a casual hookup but it's still taking place between two people who presumably have a genuine affection for each other and a high level of trust. And that trust should never be violated.

Casual Sex Partners

Having casual sex partners in a city like La Paz is not too difficult but it’s not too easy as well. It depends on the kind of girl you’re approaching and what she’s looking for. If you want to look for a girl who will be up for having casual sex then the best place to look is online dating apps and nightclubs. You can easily scour through girls on these dating apps and strike up a conversation about casual sex. See if she’s open to the idea. This is a conversation you can also have after a one night stand as well and see if the girl is okay with it being a regular thing. Some of the things that you can do to ensure a successful casual sex relationship are:

  • Stay protected: If you know you're open to having casual sex, you should always be prepared. "You need to protect yourself physically from an STI or unwanted pregnancy.
  • Understand that it's not serious. The key word here is "casual"! That way you won't feel rejected by him when in fact it was all about the sexual fun. And if you think feelings are sneaking up on you with a casual FWB, be honest. Don't try to stifle them and continue having casual sex with him. That's just a recipe for disaster.
  • Be clear in your expectations: Be open from the start to ensure that both of you are okay with being together sexually without any emotional connection. Do you feel like you can't be honest about what you want? That's a sign you may want to rethink doing it.

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