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Where to find sex in Nigeria? Learn about Nigerian girls, sex culture, hookup apps, one-night stands and how to find sex in Nigeria, Africa.

How to Find Sex

A group of hot girls at the Quilox Bar, Lagos, Nigeria

Nigeria is located in West Africa, and its capital is Abuja. It is one of the fastest-growing countries on the continent, and this has led to the influx of expatriates, investors, and even tourists into the country. The cities of Nigeria are strong economic hubs that attract many locals to relocate there to start or boost already existing businesses. Nigerian women are known to be hardworking; hence they relocate to these cities to establish themselves financially. You will have many opportunities to hook up with open-minded women in the cities across Nigeria if you play your cards right. There are also foreign women in several cities, such as Abuja and Lagos, where you can hook up with them for casual flings without too much fuss. Of course, bars and nightclubs serve as the best places to hook up with women who have a liberal approach towards sex. They usually visit these entertainment joints to enjoy themselves and even meet up with eligible men to satisfy their sexual, financial, and emotional needs. The single women won't mind even hooking up with you on the first night out if you play your cards right. They usually like to drink either individually or in groups while partying at the happening places. These women are friendly and hospitable; hence it will be up to you to make the first move and ensure that you get it right from the go. You can also chat with horny Nigerian women via hookup apps, and they won't easily turn you down if they find you appealing. You can also use your wit and a good sense of humor to make her warm up to you. If she feels safe and responds positively to you, then invite her to your place and enjoy some steamy sex together. There are also sex workers and escorts who offer sensual services to clients; hence it will be up to you to vouch for what you are into.

Sex on the First Date

Nigerian women are friendly and very approachable; hence you will have many opportunities to ask them out on a date. If you play your cards right, you might hook up with one of them. The day game in Nigeria is quite promising, but it gets better during the vibrant nightlife. Nigerian women are known to be hardworking; thus, they are usually busy during the day. In almost all areas of Nigeria, women will either be attending school, farming, going to work, or to their businesses. This leaves very little time for them to flirt, especially with strangers during this time. However, you can expect to meet women who will have time for you in the coastal towns and cities. Women in these areas usually come out to have fun and party during the day; hence they can easily be approached. For those living in major cities, then your best move is to approach them at night when they are not very busy with their tight schedules. The best places to approach single women in Nigeria are usually restaurants, coffee shops, markets, beaches, tourist sites, and even along the streets, depending on which region you choose. You do not need to be extremely wealthy, but splashing your money around will definitely increase your chances of hooking up with a local lady for a date. There are many romantic venues in almost all cities and towns in the country; hence choose the best one for your date to ensure that she has fun hanging out with you. These women are modernized and are also conversant with what is happening around the globe; hence you can choose almost any topic to chat with her. Portray a lot of confidence and generosity when hanging out with her, and she will most definitely warm up to you. These women like men who will take care of their finances, hence let your money do the talking. When it comes to the night game, then you will have amazing chances of hooking up with some of the hottest lasses in major cities across Nigeria. These women are generally welcoming, and it will be up to you to win them over. They like attending happening places, including bars, house parties, live music concerts, and even nightclubs. They serve as the best places to meet with single local women and taking your girl out for a date. You can buy a few drinks for her as you compliment and flirt with her seductively. If you feel that she is warming up to you, then invite her to your place for some steamy sex that same night.

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Sexual Activity of Nigerian Women

Nigerian women are gorgeous beauties who are not shy to flaunt their sexy curves. They have dark eyes, medium-sized noses, thick luscious lips, and black curly hair. Most of them have dark skin tones, but you won't miss meeting those who have light-brown skin tones. In terms of body size, most of them have petite to average figures, with the rest are voluptuous with big chests and huge backsides that make them irresistible to men. These women are generally open-minded, with only a few of them mostly from the rural areas, adhering to strict traditional customs and beliefs, making them conservative. They won't easily appreciate being approached by a random stranger, unlike the women living in cities across the country. They will openly warm up to you if you approach them right. The economic constraints in Nigeria have forced many women in major cities to be extremely hardworking to sustain themselves financially. Many of them have not yet achieved financial independence, and this has made them seek men who are willing to meet their worldly needs and sexual and emotional needs. You won't have to be extremely rich to win them over; just be charming and willing to spend money on them, and she will most definitely fall for you. English is the official language in Nigeria; hence you won't face any language barriers when flirting with these ladies if you speak English. These women are also fun to hang around with. They are at liberty to enjoy casual flings with whomever they please and even won't mind enjoying romantic escapades for a short period. For tourists who visit the country for a short time, there are good chances of them hooking up with local women for short-term relationships if they play their cards right. The open-minded lasses enjoy the financial gain from transactional sex and won't mind being swept off their feet by wealthy and charming men. Also, they have signed up for various dating apps to link up with millions of men, both local and from other countries. They usually wait for you to make the first move, so ensure that you wow her with amazing pick-up lines to make her warm up to you.

Girls Online in Nigeria

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Best Hookup Apps

The use of dating apps in Nigeria has drastically grown over the years, with many of these women turning to such apps to link up with willing men. These women are open to being hit on by local and foreign men; hence it is up to you to make the right moves to win them over. They will wait for you to make the first move, so make it count, and she will definitely respond positively to your advances. Some of the hookup apps to use in Nigeria are:

  • Tinder: This app is among the most prominent dating apps in Nigeria and worldwide. You will need to create a profile before perusing through thousands of Nigerian women's profiles. Most of the women on this app already know what they are looking for, so it will be up to you to play your cards right to win them over. For the profiles you find appealing, you will swipe to the right, while for those you don't, you will swipe to the left.
  • MyLove: Most Nigerian women on this app are looking for long-term engagements, but you won't miss meeting those who are up for casual flings. It has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to chat with many women, and if you know what you are doing, you might hook up with one of them.
  • Badoo: It's has a location-based feature that lets you know where the person you are chatting with is based in the country. Some women on this app indicate what they are into, so it is up to you to find your suitable match and begin flirting with her through the chat feature. They have a liberal approach towards sex; hence if you play your cards right, you might hook up with one of them.

One-Night Stands (ONS)

The open-mindedness and liberal lifestyles of the local women in Nigeria make enjoying a one-night stand with them a possibility if you play your cards right. Those up for this usually reside in cities across the country, where they interact with tourists throughout the year. Both young and mature single women won't mind enjoying one-night stands with charming men. They are more into foreigners when it comes to such engagements, as they know that they will only be around for a short time, hence won't commit to long-term engagements. You can meet these women in bars and nightclubs across the country, enjoying amazing drinks and even dancing their hearts out. Since they are out to enjoy themselves, you can easily approach them, and you might be successful in wooing them if you have a good strategy. You can offer to buy a few drinks for the one you like as you intrigue her with interesting conversations. Avoid getting drunk, as this might mess everything up. If you feel that she responds positively to your advances, then invite her to your place to enjoy some steamy sex together. You need to iron out things with her to avoid causing heartbreaks when you part ways in the morning. There are also foreign women in the country who will be up for this; hence you will face many favorable odds when seeking women who are up for this engagement.

Friends with Benefits (FWB)

Mutually beneficial hookups are becoming more popular in Nigeria, with many single women signing up to enjoy the financial, emotional, and sexual satisfaction that comes with it. Since such relationships are short-lived, many women tend to avoid developing and investing any feelings and promises to avoid heartbreaks when they come to an abrupt end. Affluential foreign men usually have the upper hand in such relationships since the women will look to benefit from the tokens and finances they get at the end of an erotic moment with their men. Some women have also signed up for various hookup apps to reduce the time spent looking for willing men physically. They will upload captivating profiles and even indicate what they are into to make it easier for them to link up with willing men. Their open-mindedness also makes it easier to flirt with them via chat, and if you know what you are doing, you might just hook up with one of them for such engagements. To increase your chances of meeting women who are into such, then you need to visit the bars and nightclubs within the cities to meet liberal women. Ensure that you are respectful, charming, and confident to make her warm up to you more. If you are into young ladies for such engagements, then you can visit the colleges and universities across the country to link up with those who are liberal. Since most of them are not financially stable, they will opt for such relationships to enjoy the financial gains from it.

Casual Sex Partners

Single Nigerian women who live in cities across the country won't mind engaging in casual flings with men who know what they are doing. Since no feelings and long-term promises are invested in such relationships, then the local women target foreigners for such short engagements. Tourists usually visit Nigeria throughout the year, and for the period they are in the country, they might decide to hook up with women to enjoy recreational sex. Since they will travel back to their countries sooner or later, liberal women in Nigeria won't mind enjoying sexual thrills with those willing to spend money on them. Those who are up for such thrills tend to visit bars and nightclubs at night to enjoy themselves and even increase their chances of hooking up with wealthy men. They also use hookup apps to link up with willing men.

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