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Where to find sex in Mauritius? Learn about Mauritian girls, sex culture, hookup apps, one-night stands and how to find sex in Mauritius, Africa.

How to Find Sex

Party at the Heritage club in Mauritius

Mauritius is located in the Eastern region of Africa on the Indian Ocean. It is made up of several islands and archipelagos, which bring out the beautiful sceneries found in the country. Port Louis serves as the country's capital and is also the largest city in the country. Other cities include Beau Bassin- Rose Hill, Curepipe, and Quatre Bornes. The chances of getting laid in Mauritius will be fruitful if you have a good strategy and excellent flirting skills to woo these women. The country is made up of archipelagos, so you can expect many beautiful beaches to line its coastlines. Local and foreign women usually like to visit these beaches to relax and have some fun.

The influx of tourists is usually highest between November to April, making it the best time to visit the country and meet many beautiful women for hookups. Mauritius ladies are usually friendly and open-minded; hence you won't be easily turned down if you make the right approach to them. They have also adopted the western culture and live liberal lifestyles; hence you can flirt with them seductively without offending them. These women revere foreigners; hence you will have it easier when flirting with them if you are a wealthy tourist. Most women are also conversant with English; thus, you can't face any language barriers if you are conversant in English. The best places to visit to meet liberal women will be beach bars, lounges, resorts, and nightclubs. Many women who visit these entertainment joints are sexually liberated and won't mind hooking up for casual flings. Some women will also be open for one-night stands and mutually beneficial hookups, especially if you have money. There is also a chance of hooking up with mature women and cougars if you make the right approaches towards them. These women prioritized financial and educational success, with many of them having achieved financial independence. They won't mind being sugar mummies to younger men who will be willing to satisfy their sexual and emotional needs. In Mauritius, online dating has also been heavily embraced, providing another avenue to meet liberal women who won't mind hooking up with you. You can use dating apps such as Tinder and Mingle2 for sexting with open-minded Mauritius women. They are also quite adventurous in bed, so be prepared to have the time of your life between the sheets with them.

Sex on the First Date

Mauritian women have different personalities, which you need to keep in mind when searching to hook up with them. The cultural and timid ones usually look for long-term relationships, so you can forget about having sex with them on the first date as they prefer to play the long game. They will only agree to go to bed with you after 2 - 3 days. This is not the case when dating liberal women, as they are usually after casual flings and won't mind hooking up with you on the same day. This means that you need to hit on open-minded and liberal Mauritian ladies if you want to get intimate with them on the same day. Most of these ladies are either Hindus or Muslims; hence you can expect to meet some difficulty when hitting on them. This doesn't mean that it is impossible since you will be able to hook up with liberal women easily if you have a good strategy and ace your flirting skills.

The best places to meet liberal Mauritian women during the day are the city centers and the beach, though most of the women who visit the beach at this time are usually foreigners. Liberal women prefer visiting captivating places within major cities in the country, making it easier for you to narrow down the places you can approach single women for a date. Many of them visit shopping malls, restaurants, resorts, and tourist attraction sites, which are many in the country due to the ever-growing number of tourists flying in for vacations. Most Mauritian women are friendly and open-minded; hence you won't be easily turned down if you approach them right. If she agrees to go out with you in the daytime, then take her to some of the fancy restaurants, beach clubs, and resorts around to make her have the best time hanging out with you. If she is busy by then, request her contact information to reach out to her at the end of the day. You can explore some of the bars, nightclubs, and even cinemas that make up the vibrant nightlife enjoyed in Mauritius. Buy a few drinks for her as you indulge her in interesting conversations. Dress casually to give her the impression that you are ready to have fun for the night. Extend romantic gestures to her and invite her to dance if you have to. All this will make her warm up to you and increase the chances of her saying yes when you suggest that you continue the party at your place. You can expect to enjoy getting intimate with these ladies as they are adventurous in bed.

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Sexual Activity of Mauritian Women

Mauritian women come from different ethnic backgrounds, with the major ones being African, Indian, and French. They are spread across different regions in the country, and it is up to you to decide the ones you are into. In terms of physical attributes, the African Creole women in Mauritius are known to have lustrous black hair, dark eyes, high cheekbones, and dark skin tones. They also have slender to average body sizes with medium-sized breasts and butts. Mauritian women of Indian origin have thick hair, almond eyes, and dark to light-brown skin tones. They also have hourglass figures with big breasts and backsides, which gives them that sexy figure that most men find irresistible. Lastly, those of French origin are known to have bright eyes, long noses, light hair, and lighter skin tones. Most of them have pear-shaped figures, which make their butts more predominant than their breasts. Mauritian women are very beautiful, and you will have a wide array to choose from to find your preferred girl. The education system in Mauritius is also one of the best in Africa, and the government encourages most locals to get the formal education offered in the country. This has enabled many Mauritian women to be knowledgeable and secure employment locally and internationally. They are hardworking women, with some having achieved financial independence. They are open-minded ladies who won't mind hooking up with men they find appealing. They have also signed up for several dating apps to hook up with men willing to engage in long-term or casual relationships with them. The cultural and timid Mauritian women are looking for long-term relationships, while the casual women just want to enjoy short-term sexual thrills with local and foreign men. Some women also won't mind engaging in transactional sex with wealthy men who won't mind spending their money.

Girls Online in Mauritius

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Best Hookup Apps

Online dating apps are ideal for hooking up with local and foreign women in Mauritius. You will find those seeking love or just casual flings on these apps. Some women usually indicate what they are into on their profiles, making it easier to link up with their preferred matches. Foreign women in Mauritius usually use these apps to find sexual thrills since they won't be in the country for long. Having wits and a good sense of humor will work in your favor when wooing Mauritian women on these apps. Some of the hookup apps to use in Mauritius are:

  • Mingle2: You will flirt with many women on this app, including Mauritian lasses, who are open-minded. They usually like to indicate what they are into on their profiles; hence it will be up to you to link up with your potential match. You will need to create your profile before you can begin flirting via text with these women.
  • Tinder: It is one of the most popular dating apps globally, and many Mauritian beauties are signing up for it to look for long-term or short-term relationships. Millions of women worldwide have signed up for Tinder, increasing your chances of flirting with local and foreign women in Mauritius. You can create your profile before scrolling through the profiles of Mauritian women, where you will right swipe for the ones you like and vice versa.
  • FirstMet: This is one of the best apps to flirt with local Mauritian women and stand great chances of hooking up with one of them if you know what you are doing. The women on this app have a liberal approach towards sex, so you can easily start sexting and even plan to meet up physically to take things further. You will find those into the long game and those looking for casual flings, so it will be up to you to link up with your preferred match.

One-Night Stands (ONS)

The chances of enjoying one-night stands with local Mauritian women are very rewarding, and if you play your cards right, you just might win one over. Your best play will be to use the vibrant nightlife in the country to meet up with liberal women. Most of them usually come out at night to have fun and relax, making them very approachable. They attend live performances and visit romantic spots, bars, and nightclubs in cities and coastal towns. You need to dress casually and ensure that you smell nice since you will interact with many women at once. There is also a possibility to hook up with mature women in Mauritius for one-night stands, but the chances are rare. They are usually women seeking one-time sexual thrills, and they won't mind exploring sexual pleasure with men even younger than them. You can also visit beach clubs and happening places to flirt with many liberal women, whom you can hook up for one-night stands. The younger Mauritian ladies will see this as an opportunity to enjoy financial gain from any transactional sex. Foreign women won't mind hooking up with men for sexual thrills with no strings attached.

Friends with Benefits (FWB)

The open-mindedness of Mauritian women makes it a possibility to enjoy mutually beneficial hookups with your preferred lady. Some women will be easily turned off when they know that such relationships are short-lived and can be terminated anytime, especially if they are into the long game. This makes them shy off from such engagements; thus, you need to test the resolve of the woman you are flirting with before suggesting such engagements to her. Mauritian women usually have different personalities; hence you can only take things further with an open-minded lady compared to the cultural and timid ones. Transactional sex guarantees financial gain to the ladies who engage in such; thus, they prefer to hook up with affluential men who won't mind spending money on them. You can hit on the younger ladies who are yet to achieve financial stability, as they will seldomly turn you down, especially if they are smitten by you. Most liberal women who are up for such relationships usually like to come out at night to enjoy themselves at the bars and nightclubs spread across the country. These hot divas of Mauritius prefer visiting posh nightclubs in major cities, narrowing the places you can go and meet them. You also need to be respectful when flirting with women for such engagements, as you can expect some will shun you, and you need to move on to the next lady without becoming emotional or abusive. Mauritian women usually avoid investing any feelings in these relationships due to their nature. You can also flirt with liberal women on online dating apps such as Mingle2 and Tinder, who are up for such relationships. These women are sexually liberated; hence nobody would condemn them when they hook up for such engagements. There are also foreign ladies in Mauritius who won't mind hooking up for sexual thrills with local and foreign men.

Casual Sex Partners

You need to have a good strategy and excellent flirting skills to stand a chance of enjoying casual flings with Mauritian women. They are open-minded and have a liberal approach towards sex, but they also have different personalities. It will be up to you to link up with those who enjoy such sexual thrills and try your luck with them. You must make your intentions known to them to avoid wasting time with a lady who will eventually turn you down. Some escorts usually use such opportunities to hook up with their clients; hence it will be up to you to link up with your preferred girl.

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