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Where to find sex in Abidjan? Learn about Ivorian girls, sex culture, hookup apps, one-night stands and how to find sex in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire.

How to Find Sex

You will be smitten by the beauty of women from Abidjan. Pictured here a group of hot local girls enjoying at the Le Saint club

Abidjan is considered the de facto capital of the Ivory Coast and is also the largest city in the country. The local women living in the city are a blend of African and a few foreign backgrounds. These ladies are very open-minded and are usually well-conversant with what is happening in the world. These women are usually friendly and polite towards strangers and are also confident when flirting with the men they desire. Most of the single ladies in the city won't mind enjoying casual flings, especially with a man they are clearly smitten with. They usually revere foreigners and often make it easier for these tourists to hit on them. You need to always treat these women with respect if you want them to warm up to you. You can expect to find women with different personalities, so you will need to understand your girl before taking things further. The general mood of these girls is usually laid-back; hence you can't expect a lot of dejection when hitting on them. It is usually advisable that you make the best first impression, and she will be hooked to you from then on. You need to pamper your woman with romantic gifts, and she will most definitely warm up to you, thanks to the romantic gestures you convey to her. Many women who have a liberal approach towards sex usually flock the bars and nightclubs at night in the city to enjoy themselves and won't mind spicing up their evening with some steamy sex. You need to possess the attributes that these women desire in men, and you will have an easier and more fun time flirting with them.

Sex on the First Date

You will enjoy some of the best odds when it comes to flirting with Ivorian women in Abidjan. Many of these women are open-minded, and this makes them very approachable. You won't face a herculean task when it comes to picking up single women in Abidjan, but you will most certainly have to be at your best to be successful. These women usually revere foreigners; hence, you will have the upper hand if you are a tourist when it comes to hooking up with single local women in the city. The chances of hooking up during the day are pretty high, and they get better during the night game. Many of the local ladies in the city are usually busy during the day but won't mind sparing a few minutes, especially if they like you. Many of them are usually busy with school, work or business, hence you need to understand your girl if she won't agree to go out with you during the day. However, if she decides to do so, make every effort to make the date count. Good grooming is essential when going out with these women. They usually put on a lot of effort to look good and would like the man going on a date with them to do the same. You can take her to some of the romantic places in the city, which will guarantee both of you a fantastic day out. Ensure that you compliment her but do not overdo it. Pick on exciting topics that will keep her engaged in the conversation. You can also keep smiling and give her all your attention when you are out with her. Most of these ladies are not shy to speak their minds, hence listen to what she has to say attentively so that she knows that you care for her. These women are usually intelligent; thus, they will be able to read your intentions towards them. You can use your humor and wits to charm her into warming up to your advances.

The night game in Abidjan has proven to be much better when compared to daytime. Many of the ladies who come out at this time are liberal and free to have some fun. They usually aim to let off some steam and enjoy themselves away from their fixed daytime schedules. Bars and nightclubs have proven to be the best venues for you to hang out with your girl for the date night. These entertainment joints provide less talking and more partying, making it the best place to take your date, especially the younger girls. You can buy a few drinks for her and invite her to the dance floor. If you want to spend more time with her at night, then restaurants, resorts, and movie theaters are the best venues for your date. You will need to dress casually, smile, and portray confidence throughout the date. Bring some money with you since you will be expected to pay for the date. If you feel that she warms up to your advances, you can increase your efforts by subtly touching her and holding hands to give her the whole romantic experience. If she enjoys herself during the date, then she will most likely offer you wild sex later that night.

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Sexual Activity of Ivorian Women

Most of the Ivorian women in Abidjan are gorgeous with their dark glowing skin, luscious lips, dark curly hair, and large eyes saying it all. These ladies usually have smooth facial features and a well-sized jawline. These ladies have round breasts and big buttocks when it comes to assets. For those ladies who have athletic figures, you can expect them to have more petite curves, making them the perfect supermodel. A majority of the ladies have between average to voluptuous body sizes. They have thick thighs and usually wear tight clothes that bring out their sexy curves. The education system in Abidjan is one of the best in Africa.

Many of the women in the city have enjoyed decent education, which has enabled them to be intelligent, hard-working, and financially stable. Most of the strict traditional norms have been done away with by the community in Abidjan. Women now enjoy equal rights as men and even compete for high-end jobs with men without fear and favor. This freedom has granted these ladies the confidence and financial independence that they crave for. You can expect to flirt with intelligent and confident women in Abidjan who are conversant with what is happening in the world. These women usually put on a lot of work to maintain their figures and would really appreciate it if the men hitting on them would do the same. These girls are always willing to apply makeup and even go for plastic surgery to clearly bring out their beauty. The best bet you have with these ladies is that they are liberal. They have interacted with people from different cultures, and this has enabled them to grow personally and socially. Many of the local women in the city won't easily turn you down if you make the right moves towards them. These women usually revere foreigners; you will have the upper hand in hooking up with these ladies if you are a tourist. You need to understand your girl so as to offer you the best guidance when flirting with her. If you know what you are doing and have the attributes that they usually look for in men, then your chances of hooking up with them skyrocket.

Girls Online in Abidjan

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Best Hookup Apps

Social media and the use of hookup apps have slowly become more prevalent in Abidjan. Many of these ladies see these apps as the best way to meet with potential sex partners or even find their long-term partners. It is usually advisable that you indicate what you want in the relationship to hook up with like-minded ladies. Some of these ladies are:

  • Tinder: This is one of the best apps that Abidjan girls use to link up with men who are willing to satisfy their sexual needs. You will need to create your profile before you can peruse thousands of Ivorian women's profiles on this app. You will need to upgrade to a paid membership plan to enjoy more abundant features, making your dating plan fruitful.
  • Firstmet: Many local ladies who have signed up for this app are single and willing to link up with open-minded men. They usually create captivating profiles that will increase their attention from men. Ladies in this app already know what they are looking for, so it is up to you to play your cards right.

One-Night Stands (ONS)

One-night stands have become a common phenomenon in Abidjan, especially among the younger generation in the city. Many of the young girls between 18 - 25 years old are single and won't mind enjoying casual flings that will cool their hot blood. The majority of these ladies are in colleges and universities in the city; therefore, you can expect them to be very aware of the happening places in the city. The bars and nightclubs in Abidjan usually conduct wild parties that attract many school-going girls. They are usually busy during the weekdays but immediately switch to party mode over the weekends. These ladies are out to enjoy themselves, so they are open to anything that might happen. They are usually curious about sleeping with foreigners; hence they might just engage in one-night stands with them to satisfy that curiosity. Such entertainment joints usually host wild parties where you can expect that many people will get drunk enjoying themselves. These girls are out to have fun, so avoid being a party popper. You can approach any random girl in the establishment until you find the one who warms up to you. You can then buy a few drinks for her while you flirt with her seductively. Ensure that you seek her consent first before inviting her to your place for some steamy sex. Married and mature women are usually expected to be loyal to their families; hence, the chances of you hooking up with this group of women is very slim. Many of them are usually dissatisfied in their relationships and would like one-night stands to quench their urges. They usually do so in a discreet manner to avoid attracting any unnecessary attention. It is expected that you will part ways after that wild night together.

Friends with Benefits (FWB)

Ladies who are into mutually beneficial hookups usually refrain from developing and investing any long-term emotions and commitments to such relationships. This relationship is usually common among the single women in Abidjan who won't mind engaging in casual flings for beneficial gain. The young girls in the city won't mind hooking up with wealthy tourists who will be willing to spend money on them. These ladies are usually into such engagements to enjoy the financial gain affiliated with it. This group of women are usually financially unstable; therefore, they will enjoy hooking up with a man whose affluent is predominant. Wealthy tourists and local men usually visit the city for a short period to enjoy themselves. They would like to hook up with ladies whom they will enjoy with during their stay in the city. Many people usually avoid developing feelings in such engagements to avoid being heartbroken when tourists travel back to their countries. These girls only believe that sex and money are what drive such relationships. Only a few mature women engage in such relationships since most of these ladies would prefer one-night stands.

Casual Sex Partners

Ivorian ladies in Abidjan are known to be open-minded as they have adopted a liberal approach towards sex. Many single ladies in the city usually visit various bars and nightclubs at night to drink and enjoy themselves. They are usually curious to date foreigners and won't mind spicing up their night with random sex. Their raging hormones and poor judgment after being drunk will enable you to easily woo them into your bed, but always ensure that you seek her consent first. These ladies are friendly and polite, so put in the effort to pamper them and shower them with romance. They are quite adventurous in bed and would give you the time of your life. You will also meet a few mature women who won't mind enjoying Casual flings, even if they don't receive tokens at the end. Most of them get into such flings majorly for sexual pleasure only. It is up to you to go the extra mile and treat her like a queen, and she will make you her king in bed.

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