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Where to find sex in South America? Learn about South American girls, sex culture, hookup apps, one-night stands and how to find sex in South America.

How to Find Sex

Hot Brazilian girls can be found from the beach during the day in tiny bikinis looking for a good time. Copacabana and Ipanema beaches are worth to visit in Rio de Janeiro.

Finding sex in South America won't be a difficult task. It is the land of Latinas. The land of sensuality and beauty. You can meet stunning latin girls in some countries, such as Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil and so on. In all countries in South America you can find several mixes. Girls with white skin, dark skin, indigenous, Asian Indian, and so on. If you want to get laid with South American girls then there are a few things that you ought to know.

  • Understand the cultural difference: If you are presuming that the dating culture in South America is eerily similar to North America than you are mistaken. South American girls are way more fiesty and sassy. They also have stronger family values and they are very close to their families. Traditional gender roles are considered to be important so you are expected to take care of the bill and be more macho.
  • The guy is supposed to approach: South American girls especially girls from Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador are very traditional in this sense. In South American culture, the man has to flirt, give compliments and make the first move. You won't see a Latina approaching you first because they have been taught that only girls with questionable morals do that. If you are from North America, this might come off as a bit of a shock because girls do approach guys as well and you do not really have to compliment the girl a lot.
  • Being flirtatious and passionate is important: No matter where you are in South America, be it Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Suriname, Venezuela. There will be a certain sass and a vibe to these girls. They love when a guy flirts with them because it brings out their fire cracker personality. They want to be wooed, they want to go on dates and that is the reason that in person meetings are far more likely to end up in sex than meeting a girl on a dating app. If you are bad at flirting or are very shy then you will need to work on your game. You will need to take charge of the situation and let the girl know you’re man enough in the streets which will mean you’re also man enough in the sheets. Do not shy away from giving her compliments. Latinas swoon over that and show her your possessive and passionate side.
  • Know the right time to approach: Meeting girls at night is much more easier than daytime. When girls go out and party, they forget about their work stress. Latin girls love to dance. You have no idea how big advantage it is if you have some latin dancing skills, such as salsa. Girls like to drink alcohol everywhere in South America. After a few drinks they are much more welcoming towards strangers than daytime. Play your cards well and you might be banging a hot latina at the same night.
  • Personal Hygiene is extremely important: Latin girls are obsessed with personal hygiene. It is a big thing in South America generally so it is normal to take multiple showers in the day, brushing your teeth after meals etc so if you are someone who doesn't have good personal hygiene, getting laid will get harder because it is a massive turn off for South American girls.

Sex on the First Date

The best way to have sex on the first date in South America is searching a match from a dating app or just heading to the nearest nightclub. It's very possible to score just in one hour if you play your cards right.

Most of the latin girls are into foreign guys, especially if you're a tall caucasian guy and have blonde hair and blue/green eyes.

Get Laid with Girls by Helping them Financially

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Sexual Activity of South American Women

According to a survey, Hispanics 45+ have sex more frequently than non-Hispanics their age. The data suggest that Hispanics may place slightly more value on sexual intimacy in their relationships. For example, they’re more likely to agree that “sex is critical to a good relationship” (68 percent vs. 58 percent) and “sex is a duty to one’s partner” (43 percent vs. 33 percent). Some experts also contend that sensuality, not just sex, may play a more important role in the lives of Latinos compared to other ethnic groups. For example Argentina, Chile and Uruguay have quite similar girls to the ones in Europe. They aren't the easiest ones, but when you get to know them better, expect to have some wild sex.

Brazilian girls are pretty easy to pick up and get intimate on the dance floor of a nightclub, but often they will set the limit at that point. Getting laid with a Brazilian girl is much more challenging than just French kissing.

Peruvian girls are probably the easiest ones in South America. If you will meet a Peruvian traveler girl in other parts of the world than their home country, you will be quite sure to have sex with her if she shows any interest in you.

The survey, though, may not reflect the views of Hispanics who grew up in households where the word “sex” was never uttered. Hispanic culture is varied enough to hold many different experiences. Other Hispanics feel these findings ring true, and romanticism comes just as high as sex or sensuality.

Girls Online in South America

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Best Hookup Apps

Hookup apps are very popular in South America. Any of the popular apps are doing well in every major city in South America. Here are some of the best dating apps:

  • Tinder - This international app works well almost everywhere.
  • POF
  • Badoo
  • OkCupid

One-Night Stands (ONS)

The quickest ways to get laid in South America is searching a match from a dating app or just heading to the nearest nightclub. It's very possible to score just in one hour if you play your cards right. Most of the latin girls are into foreign guys, especially if you're a tall caucasian guy and have blonde hair and blue/green eyes. One-night stands are a very possible option for people who are looking to enjoy some of the most amazing sex of their lives with a sexy Latina. the younger generations in particular are more into the idea of sex with no strings attached. In order for you to find a one-night stand, head on to a nice nightclub or even sign up on popular online dating apps. However, be advised to make sure that the girl you take back to your hotel room is not a sex worker, as it is somewhat of a common practice in this region for sex workers to go to hotels with foreigners and then demand money after they are done.

Other than that, you might even find suitable partners for a one-night stand near universities and dorms as the young students are almost always up for a casual hookup.

Friends with Benefits (FWB)

Friends with benefits is a concept that isn't a taboo but it is still not too common in South America. South American girls especially Latinas are more conservative when compared with their North American counterparts and Europeans.

Casual Sex Partners

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