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Where to find sex in Lomé? Learn about Togolese girls, sex culture, hookup apps, one-night stands and how to find sex in Lomé, Togo.

How to Find Sex

Hot girls of Lome at the Monte Cristo

Lome is the capital and the largest city in Togo. The official language spoken in Togo is French; hence, you will need to learn a few French words if you would like to spark a conversation with the Togolese ladies in the capital. Few pockets of ladies speak English; thus, you won't be at a total loss when you do not know French since you can flirt with these ladies. The ladies in Lome are gorgeous and also intelligent. They can be placed into two major groups: the Ewe and Kabye girls. Those who belong in the Ewe group are usually very conservative, and they still conform to traditional norms which guide their way of living. They are not open to the idea of speaking with strangers randomly and certainly do not appreciate the idea of speaking about sex openly.

On the other hand, Kabye girls are more open-minded and have a liberal approach towards sex. You will have a better chance of wooing ladies from Kabye when compared to those from the Ewe group. If you would like to woo a lady from the Ewe group, you need to be more patient and understand the perspectives of these ladies when it comes to matters such as sex. Since they are usually conservative, you must be extremely patient when wooing them. It would be best that you first bring up general topics when talking with her but do not touch on sensitive ones such as their culture or religion to avoid spoiling any vibe growing between the two of you. You can only take things up a notch if you feel that she responds positively to you.

On the other hand, Kabye girls are more approachable and won't easily turn down your advances. They are open-minded since they have easily adopted foreign cultures brought by tourists who usually visit the city throughout the year. You will have an easier time wooing these ladies when compared to those in the Ewe group. You need to be persuasive and romantic when flirting with these ladies to get laid by them.

Sex on the First Date

For you to have the perfect date with Togolese ladies in the capital, you need to understand them first and pick the right venue for the date. Most of the ladies in the city speak French, but still, there are some who also speak English. You can then pick up the lady you will be more comfortable conversing with without language between you two. The daytime game in Lome is good, but it gets better at night. You will meet many single women during the day in shopping malls, restaurants, or along the streets. You can approach them but expect to find that majority of them at this time only speak French. Many of the ladies who speak English are usually occupied during the day either by work or school. They are usually too occupied during the weekdays, so it will be better for you to set your date for the weekends to set the most out of it. There is also the option of using online dating platforms to meet single ladies in Lome and set up dates. This usually makes it easier for those who don't necessarily want to flirt with these ladies physically at first. When she agrees to go on a date with you, it is up to you to ensure that she has a good time if you want to stand a chance of sleeping with her that same night. You can take her to fancy restaurants in the city during the day, or hit the famous nightclubs in the city during the night. You will need to dress to impress when you are out with her during the day since you will spend more time talking and getting to know each other. You will also need to have excellent wooing skills and luck to keep her interested in the conversation. Your wit, good sense of humor, and romantic gestures might just make her warm up to you and agree to take things up a notch. You can visit the bars and nightclubs in the city if nighttime is the best time for your date. You will need to buy a few drinks for her and invite her for a dance, and you might just get to spend the night with her in bed if she responds positively to you.

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Sexual Activity of Togolese Women

Ladies in Lome are gorgeous as their stunning African looks and appearance says it all. Most of them have beautiful noses, curly hair, thick thighs, and dark skin color. They are na epitome of African beauty and are usually not shy to show off their beauty. They like wearing light clothes which reveal their juicy thighs and sexy curves, so you will have a lot of options if you would like to hook up with these ladies. When it comes to matters of sex, a good number of them have a liberal approach towards it. Togo is one of the few countries in Africa where prostitution is legal; hence, most ladies in the capital are at liberty to have sex with whomever they please. If you play your cards right when flirting with them, you might just get laid.

Girls Online in Lomé

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Best Hookup Apps

Most of the ladies in Lome usually believe in the traditional way of meeting physically rather than using online dating platforms. However, this does not mean you won't find some of these ladies on such platforms. Those who have signed up for them see it as easier to link up with potential sexual partners without too much hassle. Some of the best hookup apps to use in Lome are:

  • Badoo: It is one of the most convenient apps to use since its location-based feature enables you to link up with Togolese ladies in the capital. You will be able to scan through multiple profiles until you narrow down to the ones appealing to you, and you can begin texting and exchanging photos.
  • Firstmet: This dating app was formerly known as AYI. It is most popular among the educated ladies in the capital; hence, you will be able to link up with open-minded Togolese ladies via this app. You need to play your cards right when flirting with the ladies in this app, and you might just get lucky and set up a date to hook up physically.

One-Night Stands (ONS)

One-night stands are usually common in Lome since most of the ladies in the capital have a liberal approach to sex. You can meet up with ladies who are up for this type of relationship, mostly at the bars and nightclubs in the city. They usually come out to have fun at night and on the weekends; hence, they are usually more responsive to their advances. They won't mind hooking up with foreigners and parting ways in the morning since this type of relationship usually does not have any long-term engagements.

Friends with Benefits (FWB)

Most of the ladies in Lome have a liberal approach towards sex; hence, relationships such as mutually beneficial hookups are not openly frowned upon in public. Only a few extremists are against this type of engagement, but those engaging in it are usually unperturbed. Those ladies who are up for this type of engagement do not mind satisfying anyone sexually who is willing to pay their bills and accord them expensive lifestyles.

Casual Sex Partners

The best time to hook up with sexually liberated ladies in Lome is at night. Most of them who come out to have fun at this time are usually open-minded and won't mind hooking up with a hot tourist, especially one who is loaded and won't mind spending money on them. They usually come to these clubs to enjoy drinks and have some fun, making it the best time to approach them and express your emotions to them. You can test her resolve first before inviting her to your place to enjoy steamy sex with her.

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