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Where to find sex in Kolkata? Learn about Indian girls, sex culture, hookup apps, one-night stands and how to find sex in Kolkata, India.

How to Find Sex

Hot girls at the Boudoir club in Kolkata

Kolkata is a city which is located in the Eastern part of the country of India. The city is extremely well renowned for once being the centre for all political activities of the country. Even today, it can be called the intellectual capital of the country, with great stress on culture, heritage, and literature. Finding sex in such a rather vibrant and educated city shall not be a very difficult task. However, every tourist who is visiting the city must remember that Indian culture, on the whole, is not very open towards sex and relationships. Certainly, enough things are changing at the moment, but society as a whole is yet no progressive about either of the two topics, especially to discuss in the public eye.

Therefore, those individuals who are looking to get laid in the city of Kolkata shall have a bittersweet experience. On the one hand, most of the local women shall avoid direct conversations about sex and turn down bold advances from men in the daytime, while women in the city shall also be sexually liberated, intellectual about sex and open up about the subject only once they have established a level of trust and comfort.

To get sex in Kolkata, tourists visiting the city must begin by heading to the local places of interest. These would include some of the most happening bars and nightclubs in the city. A list of these is given below:

  • Nocturne
  • The Myx
  • Underground
  • Club Barocks
  • Park Street Privilege Club

These are usually filled with sexy single Indian women who are looking to interact with men and take things to the bedroom if they find a man who is appealing enough. Apart from the nightclubs and bars, some of the other prominent places to find sex in Kolkata include the numerous cafes and hookah lounges across the city. These usually see a steady flow of single women who are enjoying their time working remotely or are there simply chilling with friends. Either way, they are usually very social, and if you manage to play your cards well, you could get real lucky quick.

Sex on the First Date

Sex on the first date anywhere in India is usually a challenging task at hand for even the smoothest of players from across the globe. The women just have a very different mindset towards sex and relationships; they are not the kind who dive into intimacy head-on. However, in Kolkata, things tend to be a little different.

The city is home to many women who are sexually liberated, and while much of their approach and mindset towards physical intimacy is discussed in the sections below, here we shall be focussing on that much important first date.

The first date is really hard to nail in Kolkata, as a tourist, if you wish for things to go your way and you really want to get laid, then it is advisable that you stick to a set formula. In Kolkata, there are two ways to go about it; the first would involve you heading to any of the most popular bars, chatting up the local beauties and buying them a few drinks to set the mood. Using great conversational skills encompassing your adventures abroad or some local pop culture, you can slip these women into their comfort zones to break their defences and ultimately start making physical gestures to take things to the next level.

While the second way to go about things and get laid on your first date here is to be your intellectual best, embrace the diversity, meet women at different places across town where you can have a conversation and talk about raging issues or literature and music. If your interests and views align with your mark, then she might be interested enough to know you better, a few sexual innuendos, some impressive show of knowledge, and a few hints to take things to the bedroom shall be sufficient to get you sex on your first date.

Get Laid with Girls by Helping them Financially

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Sexual Activity of Indian Women

The sexual activity of Indian women is known to be rather peculiar. Most of the women living in major metro cities such as Kolkata, despite leading an active sex life, tend to be secretive about it. Society, on the whole, tends to be very judgemental, and they aren’t very comfortable having conversations out in the open. However, this is also a class divide, wherein women from the middle and upper classes are known to be progressive and relatively open about sex and relationships.

As mentioned in the sections above, the women from the city of Kolkata are known to be very open-minded, most of these women are well educated, they may be religious, but they are perhaps the most stunning contrasts that you, as a tourist, shall come across in your life. Many of these women do understand concepts of consent, bisexuality, homosexuality and are accommodating when it comes to meeting and hosting people who associate with different genders, but at the same time, many of them, out of respect for the local culture and society, tend to make this backroom talk.

Therefore, you can count on many of the local Indian beauties to be ready to have great sex and indulge in even the naughtiest of conversations, but there is a time and place for that. Do not expect girls to kiss you out in the open on the streets in broad daylight, but you can expect some of these sultry beauties in Kolkata to get wild with you in the corner of some upscale nightclub.

Girls Online in Kolkata

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Best Hookup Apps

Hooking up in Kolkata has become increasingly common. Most of the local women are wild, bold, confident, and they address their physical needs for sex without any shame or stigma, especially the women under the age of 30. Therefore, as a tourist, if you wish to hook up with some of the local women, you are in for a treat. The quickest way to hook up with Indian hotties in Kolkata is to use some of the prominent dating apps used by them.

While the Indian market does boast of plenty of great dating apps, there are none that are exclusively designed for hookups. However, if you are a wise fox, you may just be able to convert some of the matches on these dating apps into hookups.

Tinder is the leading dating app in India, and this is perhaps the app most tourists are already using for their dating escapades in their respective countries as well. Hence, understanding the workings of the app shall not be an issue; all you have to do is open the app and start swiping. Finding matches on the app is very easy, and you won’t face much difficulty either.

Bumble is another popular dating app in India, and this can be the perfect place to meet prospective hookups. Much like Tinder, the app is used by a vast number of local Indian women in the city of Kolkata. So finding matches won’t be tough here either. Just the fact that the app gives women the power to only initiate conversations after matching makes it difficult for men to get a head start or break the ice in their own way.

Nonetheless, using the above two apps, men can hook up with local beauties easily. Starting off the conversation without being too bold or direct is important; it is necessary for you to deftly handle things. After breaking the ice, you can meet women at a nice location, wine and dine, or grab a beer at the nearest bar and then head to your crib for a night of wild sex.

One-Night Stands (ONS)

Having one night stands in Kolkata isn’t as difficult as most of the other Indian cities, and the reasoning behind this has been discussed multiple times in the sections above. The sheer sexual liberation of the educated young women in the city of Kolkata allows tourists to visit the city, meet these sensual beauties, flirt with them, and eventually seduce them into bed.

Surely enough, one cannot directly approach the subject. However, if you subtly pass some hints and then take things further boldly upon receiving some positive signs, then you surely can enjoy a one night stand. It is important to remember, though, approaching women in broad daylight may never work here, as a tourist, head to the nearest bar where young women can be met. Try some of the hookah cafes around town, chat with these women and be likeable or desirable to them.

One night stands are the best option for men who are in town for a short span of time. Also, from the standpoint of local women, it is an immensely convenient arrangement as they can fulfil their fantasies of having sex with a man from a foreign nation without having to commit to him or go through the social stigma of being spotted often with someone who isn’t from the country.

Friends with Benefits (FWB)

As a tourist, if you wish to find a friend with benefits in Kolkata, you may be successful. However, much of that depends upon the duration of your stay and the kind of women you approach. To begin with, it is essential that you stay in town for a long time. Finding someone and approaching them and eventually convincing them for this sort of arrangement is not a quick process by any means. It is necessary that you do this only when you have enough time in hand. So tourists who are staying for anything less than a month would need a miracle to find a friend with benefits.

Secondly, being successful in finding a friend with benefits would require you to find a woman who is comfortable with the arrangement and open-minded enough to not just agree with it for the sake of having sex once or twice but actually follow through with it in the long run. This is difficult as many women from the upper classes find it enriching for their social status when they are seen with men from foreign countries, but women from the lower middle class often find themselves subject to gossip by society for the same and actively avoid being spotted with men from foreign countries.

The best way to find a friend with benefits is to approach one of your co-workers if you are in Kolkata for work purposes. Sharing time together throughout the day shall not only help you establish a strong sexual bond, but it shall also help you avoid any possible complications that may arise through the arrangement. People around you are also less likely to be suspicious, given the status of work colleagues.

Casual Sex Partners

As is the case in most major cities, finding a one night stand is easy; finding a friend with benefits is hard, but finding a casual sex partner is somewhere in between the two. The reasoning behind this is rather simple. In the case of one night stands, you can approach random women, flirt with them, be under the influence of alcohol, make rash decisions, have great sex and never ever meet each other again. When it comes to having a friend with benefits, you will have to work hard to win their trust, be their friend, and ultimately move on to get physically intimate.

Your best shot of finding a casual sex partner is to meet local Indian beauties via social circles, this allows you to minimise the time taken to break the ice, and it also lets you win the trust of women and make them comfortable to enter such an agreement. Both of you need not see each other on a daily basis either (unless you wish to do so). All you need to do is pick up your phones and ping each other whenever you want to embrace your inner carnal instincts.

This is the perfect arrangement for tourists who wish to be in Kolkata for anything over a couple of weeks as it gives you enough time to find the perfect partner and convince her for the same without being too pushy.

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