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Where to find sex in Kathmandu? Learn about Nepali girls, sex culture, hookup apps, one-night stands and how to find sex in Kathmandu, Nepal.

How to Find Sex

Girls of Kathmandu are becoming more modern by the day. Seen at the Karma bar and lounge

Let’s take a trip around cities. Follow us today as we lead you to Kathmandu. However, we would be looking at Kathmandu through the eye of its women. First, allow us to tell you that Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal. However, it shrinks when compared to some other capital cities globally. When you visit Nepal, Kathmandu is probably the best city to stay in since it is the country’s capital city. But if you come from a bigger country, you will notice how this city shrinks compared to other capital citiesand different surveys have listed this city amongst the top 10 upcoming tourist destinations in the world. Thus, there are numerous reasons why people would want to visit this city.

The local girls who are from Kathmandu are exceptionally beautiful and as a tourist, you will certainly want to date these girls. These women are physically attractive and they are also known to be very kind, polite, and hospitable, traits that come naturally to them. Much of this can be directly attributed to the tourism industry of the nation which has over the years groomed the local women in a certain way.

Watching these sexy girls prancing about the streets of Kathmandu will be a major turn on for any guy and the first thought to strike your mind will be how do I get laid and how do I find sex? Well it can be a bit of a mixed bag so you need to play your cards right.

There are certain things you need to learn about the local culture and traditions before you can find the answer to the question of finding sex. Kathmandu’s dating and sex culture has changed massively but it’s still not the same as the European or American dating culture. The girls can be very shy, reserved and traditional especially towards foreigners so you have to tread lightly and carefully.

The key to finding sex in Kathmandu is the venue! If you’re looking for sex in place like random touristy areas or museums or libraries you clearly will run out of luck and will be frustrated at the end of the day. You need to be at the right place at the right time to find sex in Kathmandu. Venues like nightclubs, bars, drinking joints, private parties etc are the perfect places for finding sex. This is because you will know that the girls who are in attendance are modern and liberal, the chances of getting turned down decrease. The nightlife of Kathmandu is pretty epic, the girls are in the mood to groove, to be wild and just have fun. This means a massive pool of horny girls to try your luck with. They are dressed in skimpy clothes that will turn you on instantly and watching their bodies move seductively on the dance floor will drive you crazy. So you just have to dress right, do not come off as clingy and make sure to buy her drinks and keep flirting through out the night.

Sex on the First Date

Now, wouldn’t it be a downer if the woman refuses to have sex after the date? It would be right for you to know that some women would not agree to have sex on the first date. Some feel that they would be selling themselves cheap if they agreed to have sex on the first date. But, at the same time, others feel that there is a need for them to play hard to get.

What makes it worse is that you can never tell which kind of woman you are on a date with until after the date. So, to avoid such a situation, it would be nice to bring up the topic but in a discreet way. Try flirting with her and try to crack a couple of dirty jokes just to judge her reaction. If she doesn’t respond well to them then she isn’t planning on sleeping with you on the first date atleast.

There can be no hard and fast rule to ensure that the first date will end up with you two having a steamy night in bed together so it’s always a risk you have to take. You could be doing everything right and it could be the perfect date but she can always end up rejecting any sexual advances by the end of it. This is also influenced by the general culture and the nature of girls in Kathmandu who can be shy and conservative.

If you absolutely want to have sex on the first date or if you want to maximise your opportunities of having sex then you could do a couple of things. For starters try reaching out to girls on dating apps especially ones notorious for hookups like Tinder etc. This will allow you to bring up the topic of sex without feeling awkward and without the girl feeling threatened. Another thing you can do is meet girls at nightclubs and dance with them. Make sure you’re seductive and you’re being suggestive just to judge her reaction. If she responds well, you can always take her back to your hotel room to have some dirty fun.

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Sexual Activity of Nepalese Women

We’ve been talking about Nepalese women since, but let us deviate a bit and talk about the Nepalese culture. How receptive are these people towards sexual activities like engaging in public display of affection? Knowing such information will help you in navigating your own attitude towards the local women. It also allows you to understand the behavior of the women better.

Nepalese are typically conservative people, so you cannot expect to engage in public display of affection without getting some judgemental looks. In addition, the locals might deem this as a sign of disrespect and that is the last thing a foreigner would want.

Now that you know this, you should know that any business that happens between you and your woman should be in an enclosed space i.e a private room. Yes, the fact that the city’s locals are not open-minded enough should not stop you from having fun with willing women in the city.

Let us now go back to talking about the tasty-looking and delicious Nepalese women of Kathmandu. It is usually common for men to wonder about their sexual lives. But, interestingly, these women have sexual auras without making any effort. And, it is what makes them even precious.

Concerning their sexual activities, it is sometimes hard to rank or rate the sexual life of Nepalese women in Kathmandu. It is because not all women operate on the same sexual wavelength. However, we can separate them by saying that the younger women of the city have a more active and buzzing sexual life than the older women.

So, if you want to have fun, your target should be… Kathmandu’s younger women. These women can have you entering different realms sexually when you are with them on the bed. Sometimes, men even wonder how these younger women get their energy as it is almost as if they are never tired.

People are also curious to know how these younger women are so sexually active for such a conservative city. Now, that is the interesting part of everything. It is common knowledge that younger people are usually curious, and the younger women of Kathmandu are not an exception.

So, these women always try to gather different knowledge to satisfy their curiosity. And, they go further also to satisfy their sexual curiosity. It could be by reading erotic novels, watching porn, interacting with people, and much more. Once they have gathered this knowledge, they cannot wait until experimenting. Typically, they would prefer to experiment with foreign men who lavish them with money and gifts. But, they can also consider being sexually active with local men.

Girls Online in Kathmandu

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Best Hookup Apps

Because Kathmandu is a conservative city, people are sometimes scared to approach women for sex. It is laughable because we believe that you are not horny. However, when your dick constantly becomes hard, we are sure that you will waste no time in approaching a woman for sex.

But, of course, you will need to be cautious about how you approach these women. For example, if you are approaching a woman in the temple, you have to be conspicuous about it. Also, we agree that it can be tiring as the goal is to relax and chill during your holiday.

So, we have people who would prefer to go hookup apps to get women for any sexual activity. Well, we are sure that you will be smiling about this as the hookup apps make it easy to get more. On hookup apps, women are usually free, so you can actually talk to them without worry and even connect with them. But, we know that it does not compare to the real deal experience of having sex. But, it allows you to sample a variety of women and make a choice.

So, as you scroll through, you will start eliminating your different choices and pick a woman. Also, the fact that a woman is on a hookup app tells you that she will be down to do naughty things. So, any thoughts of hesitation are thrown out of the plane, and you do not have much to worry about anything. Well, except you get a case of what I ordered vs. what I got. Sadly, some girls use deceiving pictures online, and they are not as attractive when you see them physically. Fingers crossed that this does not happen to you.

Now, let us see some of the available hookup apps in Kathmandu that classify as the best hookup apps. They are:

  • Tinder: We could not afford to omit Tinder on our list of best hookup apps in Kathmandu as we still love to have our heads on our shoulders. Tinder has become the most globally accepted hookup app, so people will be excited to use it to get Kathmandu women. So, we are here to tell you that it is possible. You see all those baddies that you have been eyeing? Do you can get them on Tinder and prepare for a physical genital meet and greet. It would be best to have the stamina to match hers as you are in for a ride.
  • Badoo: It is another hookup app popular in Kathmandu, and you will even hear people talking about it. With Badoo, you can get notifications if a girl around you signs up. Therefore, you can use it to meet baddies close to you.

One-Night Stands (ONS)

Kathmandu is a conservative city, and anyone who visits it will agree. From the girls using the temple to leave the house to how families reprimand their daughters when they wear certain clothing, you can tell that these young women had a tough upbringing.

Some men are usually hesitant to approach these women for sexual favors, especially if they want a one-night stand. But why should you be hesitant? After all, the young women of Kathmandu are sexually vibrant, and they will happily heed your request.

However, these women love to satisfy their sexual urges does not mean that they are desperate. It would be wrong for you to think that a Nepalese woman in Kathmandu would throw herself at you because you are a foreigner.

So, you have visited Kathmandu, and you are looking for ladies interested in having a one-night stand. Typically, you can use the hookup apps to get different women for a one-night stand. However, we see that some men love to go the traditional route of physically approaching women. But, of course, it comes off as a sweet gesture when men approach women physically. However, it would be best if played your games right in such a case.

Again, your money is your purchasing power for Kathmandu women. It is because these women come from comfortable backgrounds. So, they want a man who can take care of them even better than their families. Yes, even if you are looking for a one-night stand, you should give her money that would be worth her time. These women consider it a waste of time to be with any man who is not ready to spend on them. So, we come that your pockets are full and will never run dry when you start dealing with Kathmandu women in Nepal. But, asides from that, we can tell you that these women are sweet and lovely.

For the idea of a one-night stand, you should approach the younger women because they are usually more receptive to such an idea. In addition, these women love things that seem adventurous. So you will have them jumping on the idea. After all, half of them are not looking for a serious relationship. Instead, they are seeking how to satisfy their sexual cravings.

We also love that these women understand the concept of the no-strings-attached in a one-night stand. So, they will not cling to you. All that matters is that the man and woman satisfy themselves during intercourse.

So, we can say that engaging in a one-night stand is possible in Kathmandu, but you must not make it obvious. It is always best to make stealthy and sleek moves.

Friends with Benefits (FWB)

One of the best parts about sex is enjoying it in various forms. However, it also makes us wonder why some men would rather have blue balls than choose one of these different methods to satisfy their sexual cravings.

Now, it is not out of place to have a friend while in Kathmandu and engage in friends with benefits ideas with this friend. Typically, we can say that Kathmandu locals are friendly people. If you want to engage in friends with benefits situation, you will have to put in an effort in establishing a relationship. But, keep in mind that it might not be easy to make friends with Kathmandu women. It is because these women love to stick to their circle.

So, if you want to be friends with any of them, it would be through an acquaintance. Therefore, it would be best to be friendly with the male locals, and they can introduce you to the women. Also, when you are friendly with the male locals, they can help you decide the best woman that will be down for the idea of being friends with benefits. So, yes, being friends with Kathmandu locals usually paves the way for a mutually-beneficial relationship.

How? We did not think you would ask how it works as it is supposed to be clear. But, we would help you explain it in better and clearer terms. As a foreigner, one of the best ways to enjoy a new place is to have local friends. They will take you to the buzzing places and help you have all-around fun when you are in the city. On the sexual side, the males will introduce females who are open-minded and ready to have sexual fun.

From there, it is left to you to make the right moves and become friends with a particular female that you desire. But, instead of establishing a serious relationship with you, you will rather pitch the idea of being friends with benefits. There are high chances that she will accept, especially if you are friends with her male friends. She will feel a sense of comfort and familiarity around you because you both have mutual friends.

Those who do not like having multiple sex partners will prefer being friends with benefits. Thus, you have a female Kathmandu friend, and you have sex with her regularly until you leave the city. Now, we also hope that your dick game is strong… after all, you do not want the lady to be embarrassed that she accepted your proposal because you cannot perform well. But, yes, Kathmandu women are good in bed, and you will have sexual fun.

Casual Sex Partners

If you would rather not be exclusive to a particular person while in Kathmandu, you can decide to have different casual sex partners. For example, it could be when you are a part of a group of friends. For example, you belong to one of the local groups in the city, and the people are open-minded. So, now, you can decide to be sexually active with the females in the group. So, it is like having sex with a group of friends.

But in the case of being friends with benefits, you will be having sex with your friend. However, you do not have to put much effort into being friends in this case. Yes, you are a part of their group, but it does not mean that you are friends with everyone. Yet, you can be having sex with all the females in the group.

Won’t you like to be eating varieties? But, of course, it gets boring when you have to stick to a particular meal. And, it is the same your dick might crave for a different pussy when you are not in a committed relationship. So, instead of dulling, you should have casual sexual partners. Also, if anyone is busy, you can go for the available person. This way, you can never be sexually starved in Kathmandu.

We see that some men are cheeky enough to go ahead and have a roaster for their different casual sex partners. Well, we would not judge you; we are a safe space, and you can feel secure around us. We would say you should enjoy yourself anyhow that you deem fit when you are in the city. Kathmandu women are warm and receptive. They are also extremely comfortable when they get close to you. Also, the younger women are your best bet if you seek sexual fun in the city. We would be happy to hear of your escapades as we know that you will have a delightful experience.

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