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Where to find sex in Italy? Learn about Italian girls, sex culture, hookup apps, one-night stands and how to find sex in Italy, Europe.

How to Find Sex

Hot young girls at the La Maison nightclub, Rome, Italy

Italy is one of the most beautiful to have a vacation. If you plan a trip over there, you might want to explore the unexplored while visiting all the beautiful historical locations and indulging in Italian cuisine. Italy is among the most beautiful countries in every travel journal or book, and Italy will get you addicted to its beauty and attractions. It is a southern European country, and it is one of the major attractions for tourists all over the world. The aesthetic experiences this country offers are second to none. The beaches, the beautiful mountains, the enchanting landscapes, and the places of historical importance are just some of a million attractions in Italy. But if you are interested in diving deeper to know and experience Italy more intimately, there are other ways too.

Italian women are known to be very beautiful; primarily, the natives are gorgeous. Articles and magazines are stating that Italian women are nothing short of supermodels. Italian women are known to be friendly but don’t expect too much too fast. They won't be easy on you, especially if you're a foreigner. They don't warm up to strangers quickly. Girls are not easy to impress as they will only respond to your requests if they see some potential in you.

Sex on the First Date

Here are a few facts that you need to know about sex tourism in Italy.

Getting women or picking up girls in Italy is not as easy as you think it may be. The women in Italy are known to be a little conservative and don't give in quickly as they hold themselves to a high standard. This is not the case in countries like France, Prague, the Czech Republic, etc., as getting girls there to hook up is way easier. Italian women, in general, are known for believing in the concept of true love, and finding their one true love to please and impress them is not an easy task.

You can pick up girls, but it will not always be easy. Italian women often play hard to get, and the sex workers there don't come cheap. One of the major obstacles you might face on your mission to pick up girls in Italy is the language barrier. Even though Italian women are known to be very smart, most do not speak English; they only speak Italian. So communication is going to be an issue.

Get Laid with Girls by Helping them Financially

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Sexual Activity of Italian Women

A survey showed that over 30% of women over 60 have sex regularly in Italy. It also showed that an average Italian have sex 121 time per year which is only second to Greece, which is around 164 times. So it's safe to say that the natives of Italy are pretty sexually active. Selling sex and buying sex are legalized in Italy, but some parts have by-laws criminalizing buying sex in the streets. While most of the commercial sex in Italy takes place in the high-end brothels and the designated red-light zones, some areas around the country are limited to private apartments and even the streets. Italy is of the countries where most of the sex workers are streetwalkers, but at the same time, in most parts of the country, it is an offense to even stop your car in front of a random hot girl as many of them fall victim to sex trafficking.

Cities like Palermo, Florence, Rome, Udine, and other major cities have red-light districts, but as we mentioned, Italian chicks mostly walk on the streets to hire clients. There are many streets and highways in Italy called red light highways or prostitute highways as they are the regular hotspots for picking up girls. Typically the highways and roads that connect one city to another are always filled with hookers. According to a survey, there are almost 70,000 to 10000 sexy ladies in Italy, and the number of clients they sell sex to is around 2.5 million yearly. Unlike in other countries, the picking up of hot chicks typically happens along roadsides. Though it is not legalized in every part of the country, street prostitution is the primary form of selling and buying sex in Italy. The average price of getting a person to hook up in Italy can be around 20 euros. Still, depending on the client's situation and needs, it may go down to 10 euros, which is very low compared to the other countries. The more exciting thing about these sex workers is that as most of them are natives of Italy, some are also from Africa and Eastern European countries. So if you are looking for casual hookups or sexual experiences, Italy is the place to visit though you have to be cautious, as we mentioned before.

So if you are planning to visit Italy to have a chance with more mature women, then your choice was correct. Women in Italy are open to dating and hooking up with younger men. The girls are not bothered by the society or people around them. The best places to meet women like these are mainly in nightclubs, cafes, restaurants, etc.

Girls Online in Italy

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Best Hookup Apps

Various dating apps on the internet are available for people who can't convey their feelings directly to the ones they are attracted to. Well, if you fall under the same category, you have nothing to worry about as it is time now to get your hands on the vibrant dating apps available online in Italy. Here you go!

  • Tinder - If you find Tinder the most convenient dating app in Italy due to its vast user base, then you can peep into the app's details in no time. The best part about tinder is that you can easily take control of the search options at once. It begins with whether you want to date someone staying in your localities in Italy or someone from a distant land. You can easily swipe right or left to accept or reject the people according to your choices.
  • Happn - The second and yet one of the best online dating apps in Italy with an exciting user base is none but Happn. You might encounter a situation where you want to bed an Italian beauty at once but ultimately get scared of approaching her. But fortunately, you have got nothing to worry about as Happn is right here at your rescue. You can get to chat or text with the local people whom you have crossed paths with during the entire day. This app has the same facilities as Tinder; thus, you can select whomever you want to date in Italy during your vacation.
  • Bumble - Are you scared of taking the first step always? If yes, Bumble might be the right dating app for you in Italy. It allows you to chat vividly with whomever you want. It is an app that allows you to communicate with various users according to your choices in Italy whenever you want.

One-Night Stands (ONS)

You can try out the concept of one-night stands in Italy. Italy is a country with a booming nightlife, and there is no place that you may consider to be better than Italy. However, you might only experience the best parties and get connections to crave for only if you have a lot of time and money to spare. Although Italy has some of the best nightclubs, they are still costly, and the women who have a taste for the best usually go around in the VIP sections, which are even more expensive. Foreign men do not traditionally woo the women in Italy at first glance, and their beauty might be intoxicating, but a lot of time shall be spared to woo them after you spent a lot of your money. The hookup culture in Italy is relatively fast-paced, so make sure you have dressed up for the night and have gotten the best hotel rooms that might impress the lady for the night. Some bars and nightclubs might increase your chances of getting laid for the night, only if you have wealthy contacts to get you into the most happening section of these clubs.

  • Il Foyer, Milan (Bar)
  • The Blob Club, Florence (Nightclub)
  • Morgana Bar, Sicily (Bar)
  • 947 Club, Venice (Nightclub/Live Music)
  • Dolce & Gabbana’s Club, Milan (Nightclub)

These are some of the places that you might want to try your luck at. However, if you expect a crazy loud party with a lot of bedazzlements, then probably Italy is not the place for it. Italy has classic parties that are more aesthetically pleasing rather than being just loud and flashy. These parties are more of an escapade than a wild party full of life and noise.

Friends with Benefits (FWB)

The concept of friends with benefits is quite prevalent in Italy as well. All you have to do is find a hot lady to get laid as friends throughout your trip. Italy, as a country, has a diverse culture that includes its classic bourgeoisie architecture with a splash of modern malls, restaurants, and pubs. Although it might seem like the place is a whole scene from a classic rom-com. Still, there is a high chance that you will find your casual date in the heart of the country if you put your charm to good use. Italy is a country of diversity in the timeline. Although it might look like a rustic and homely country, it still has a fair share of dazzling bars, pubs, and restaurants around the corners. Here are some classic places where you can find women who might be interested in you. There are some scenic beaches in Italy where you can enjoy the fresh air and try your luck at wooing some of the ladies.

These beaches have some of the finest restaurants, bars, and pubs in the country and are the top places you can flirt your way around. The sundown parties with the beers are more than you can ever ask for, especially when witnessing the best sand party with the opportunity to hit it off with someone. If you are a buff dying for a good adventure, you might as well get your date to try out the water sports around these beaches. Nonetheless, these restaurants and these beaches are the perfect settings for getting yourself to use some of that charm and get a lovely date with some of the hottest women in the country.

Casual Sex Partners

Italy is a country full of vibrant women and a classy entourage. The most important tip one can give you is to stick to the classic, elegant couture. It has to be noted, as well, that Italian women love responding to an excellent classy flirt, and they do not shy away from the concept of flirting. Even they do show their interest in you with a cheeky pick-up line or two, so the culture of casual dates in Italy is anything but bland. But there are certain factors that you need to consider before you make your move:

  • Ask for consent before making a move and see whether she is interested in a date or not.
  • Know the time and place before you make a move. You do not want to bother a woman amidst work in broad daylight. If she is a professional, then do keep a distance while she is working.
  • Italian women love absolute classics in terms of men, and they do love a gentle, kind man with an impeccable dress sense. So, pick up your best shirts before you approach an Italian lady!
  • Do not start with a cheesy pick-up line to break the ice.
  • Be courteous and break the ice with small talk; eventually, a little flirt would not hurt the conversation.

Apart from the information provided here, you can seek other details regarding hookups and the dating culture in Italy from other platforms for better knowledge and understanding. The opportunity has arrived to appreciate and examine sex in the movement business of Italy.

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