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Where to find sex in Armenia? Learn about Armenian girls, sex culture, hookup apps, one-night stands and how to find sex in Armenia, Asia / Europe.

How to Find Sex


Armenia is a country with a very rich history. It is known as the oldest Christian country. The Armenian dating culture is very conservative by European standards and Armenian women are the most conservative out of all European women. This means that finding sex can get quite tricky in a country like Armenia. You will have to do a lot of convincing and pursuing in order to get laid. For Armenian women, being courted before actually going out on a date is an important thing. Pre marital sex is a taboo. It’s socially condemned and even talking about it is not really acceptable. Things are slowly changing but there is still a long way to go. Some tips that can help you in finding sex in Armenia include:

  • Follow your woman’s lead: When you’re dating an Armenian woman, you can have a relationship of two equal individuals. Armenian girls are not submissive and they enjoy it when men listen to their opinions. Whether she suggests an idea for a date or initiates the talk about marriage and family, you should happily accept her lead
  • Meet the parents early on: There is probably no other nation of women in the world who are as attached to their parents as Armenian singles. They like to ask their parents for their opinion about everything, and they will certainly want them to know you. You can speed things up and show your serious intentions at the same time.
  • Be persistent when needed: Armenian women are naturally shy, but they are also somewhat coy. They like it when a man goes the extra mile to win them over. That is why an Armenian woman may say no to your advances the first time you ask, but you should always do a second attempt.
  • Stick to the traditional approach to dating. An Armenian girl will hardly appreciate it when you see other women while dating her or if you take her on extreme dates when trying to impress her. Armenian women want strictly monogamous relationships and they prefer classic restaurant or cinema dates.
  • Know which topics to avoid: There are some topics that are deemed controversial in Armenia and as a foreigner, it’s best not to say anything until you know how your woman is feeling. Generally, you shouldn’t voice any strong opinions about Armenian history, government, and international relations at the beginning of the romance.
  • Try online dating apps: Online dating apps are the perfect way to get in touch with girls who are looking for all sorts of arrangements and they will also widen the pool and put you in touch with tourist women visiting Armenia at the same time as you.

Sex on the First Date

60-70% of Armenian women are virgins by the time they get married. This is just to illustrate how incredibly hard it will be to have sex on the first date with an Armenian girl. They have old school values and pre marital sex is considered to be a taboo. Even the conversation during the first date needs to be Kosher so just the initiation process will make her incredibly uncomfortable. These women are brought up to believe that a family is the most important thing in life and they dream of their own family starting from a very young age. Armenian girls are not interested in dating as many guys as possible or become a top manager by the age of 25. If an Armenian woman has a man she loves and a family she cares about, she doesn’t need anything else. If you still want to try your luck then online dating apps will be your best bet because it will be easier to approach the topic of sex and girls who are active on these apps can be more open minded than the rest of the lot. However, do not get your hopes up and keep your expectations in check.

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Sexual Activity of Armenian Women

If you go by religion, most Armenians are Christian. Therefore, you can understand that they are pretty conservative. It is not like you will be attacked for having sex with these ladies, but be careful while approaching someone for having sex before marriage. Armenian girls have a different approach than Western countries towards the idea of hooking up. Most of these girls still hold the idea of being a virgin for their husbands close to their hearts. They want to protect themselves till marriage so it can be a very tricky turf to navigate.

Compared to the other cities, you are most likely to learn about the most open-minded girls in Yerevan. These girls look to have a good time, hang out and interact with the foreigners. This city is inhabited by many girls from other backgrounds and countries. Hence, they prefer men with good manners and decent interpersonal skills. Start working on these skills, and you can pick up your dream girl with ease. Don't try to discuss it openly about sex in the streets of the city as people of very few cities have liberal minds about sex.

Girls Online in Armenia

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Best Hookup Apps

Armenian girls prefer to hook up with someone from a similar background, and therefore, they flock around the popular dating sites to meet their man of dreams. Here you will get some most vibrant hookup apps that are pretty popular around Armenia.

  • HyeSingles: Available in multiple languages, this Armenian dating app emphasizes keeping only quality profiles so that you can quickly narrow down your best choice. Along with real-time chatting and a free signup, the dating site acts as a powerhouse for finding the best match. It also offers exciting features to meet several Armenian beauties located around the US and Canada.
  • Little Armenia: If you want to get hold of the site's best features, you must opt for paid subscription. This site doesn't possess an app version compared to the other hookup apps like Armroom or hey Singles. Hence go through it online.
  • Artroom: It is a social networking cum dating site for singles of Armenia. Not considered as best one. However, this site can help you find plenty of Armenian singles. The site's charge ranges between $9.95 monthly and $29.05 for six months. You can download the hookup app from the app store and enjoy its exceptional features.
  • Kuku: Like the Tinder dating app, Kuku allows meeting the local Armenian Ladies. Swipe left or right to keep or pass the person. If you find one person the most suitable, swipe it up. If the other person also swipes right back, it's a perfect pair!
  • Hye dating: If some dating site completes the list of best Armenian dating websites, that's nothing but Hye Dating. Users can register on this site free of charge and check out the best Armenian singles.
  • Barev: This Armenia-based dating app is centered in Eastern Europe. Users can seamlessly access this hookup app on the Google play store and iOS to empower with true love.

One-Night Stands (ONS)

In Armenia, sex is considered the practice performed by married people. Therefore, you can realize that it is not a simple matter as you think of it. The Armenian ladies keep their virginity till the wedding night, and they don't feel comfortable making out or hooking up with a random person. However, many ladies have changed their perspectives and have adapted to the western culture with time. Some of them are accustomed to the idea of premarital sex and they are open minded about it. If you are searching for a one-night-stand partner in Armenia, continue your search to meet up with these ladies. You have to put in extra effort or keep some backup plan in your mind to fulfill your sexual urge in Armenia. The best way to get in touch with these girls is to register yourself on dating sites and start chatting.

Friends with Benefits (FWB)

The friends with benefits phenomena is becoming increasingly more common nowadays but not in Armenia. It’s an arrangement between a guy and a girl that is mutually beneficial but doesn’t involve commitment or emotions that stem further than just enjoying each other’s company sexually. There are very specific boundaries involved, and crossing them will usually mean that things have to end. Armenian women are not a big fan of having sex with a friend. They are skeptical of doing it with guy they are romantically involved let alone with a friend with whom there is not much of a future. You can still try your luck and approach the topic lightly with your friend. Be non chalant about it if she turns it down in order to save your friendship and not make things awkward.

Casual Sex Partners

Armenian women are not the kind who are attracted towards having a casual sex partner. They want commitment and they want certainty before they think of having sex because for them having sex with your partner marks a new stage in the relationship. It means things are getting serious and she’s definitely seeing a future with you. If you’re looking for a casual sex partner in Armenia, one thing is for sure that it will not be easy. You will have to look far and beyond in order to find a girl who will warm up to the idea of being casual sex partners. As Armenia is not so big, you can have unforgettable experiences with your partner in some must-visit tourist sites like balloon Ride Skyball, Caucasus Mountains, Jermuk waterfall, Garni Gorge, and other tourist centers. Try to make the best impression on the ladies to give you an edge over other tourists.

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